Nathan R. Jessup


Welcome to The Raw Deal.

The Raw Deal stems from these two platforms: a losing hand dealt by Congress and the relentless search for bold, unfiltered truth.

The site focuses on present-day topics which are scripting our Country’s story everyday (whether we like it or not). The Raw Deal serves as a collection of relevant ideas, open forum discussions, and hopefully, answers to a few questions along the way. If you are like me, you see an America that is heading in the wrong direction; a rapidly expanding government hell-bent on stripping freedoms from the very people who make this Country the greatest in the world.

Consider the Raw Deal an attempt to challenge the things that threaten our nation the most.  If you believe America is a place where anything is possible if you are willing to work for it, a place where our children receive education not indoctrination and a place you can feel proud to call home, then climb aboard and let’s have some ‘change we can believe in’.

Our Constitution was a gift, a gift that brave men and women of our military give their lives to protect everyday and I have no intention of allowing government agendas to take that away. Join me if you will in protecting our gift.

Nathan R. Jessup

  1. Hi, Nathan – You have a great blog site – kudos. I think I saw a link to it thru one of the threads over at NewsReal or FrontPageMag (can’t remember now). Just wonderin’: Do you think the U.S. will see martial law before we reach the Nov. elections? I have a sickening feeling that that may just be what the regime in power is gearing up for – but for everyone’s sake, hope I’m wrong. Keep up the good fight. And God protect us from the scourge that is presently running the ‘show’!

    • I’ve had that sick feelin for months, CCWriter. I hope we’re both wrong.

    • CCWriter,
      I doubt we will reach such a crossroad in that period of time. However, I do think we will see some major changes regarding the revocation of our freedoms. I also believe the best will be brought out in many Americans. I simply say this because I believe Americans to be a passionate group and when provoked, have the ability to rise to the occasion. As a whole, Americans have been asleep for quite some time. Only when truly faced with a loss of freedom will they once again wake up. I think we are close. Let’s just hope I am right.

  2. I really enjoyed scrolling through your website. I like the way you’ve organized the videos and the careful attention you’ve paid to setting up compelling, politically relevant topics. Great job!

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