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Coakley Hits New Low

In freedom, living free, Scott Brown on January 18, 2010 at 4:39 pm

Pictured above is an ad sent out two days ago to Massachusetts (or if you prefer, “MassachusettEs”) residents by the Coakley campaign. The pamphlet shows the faces of supposed rape victims in the Commonwealth. Along with the mailer, Coakley spent a whopping $2M on negative advertising in the past four days alone. Can it be that Martha Coakley and the Democratic leadership is so bewildered by Brown’s recent success, they are willing to sacrifice what little character they have to steal the election?  Shame on you all.

Several days ago Scott explained a conversation he had with his wife at the start of his run for the US Senate: “Win or lose, when this is all over I want to be able to hold my head high.” As crazy an idea as it might be; Scott actually means what he says. In his refrain from running a negative campaign, the people of Massachusetts have been witness to Scott not just as a politician, but a person. Sadly for the Coakley campaign the success of Scott Brown’s campaign could be easily explained by a six-year-old: He listens to the people and tells the truth. Imagine that.

With a ground-breaking election happening two days from now, I want to correct some of Ms. Coakley’s backbiting, and set the record straight:

Lie number one: Scott Brown wants rape victims turned away from hospitals. Really Martha? That’s really how you decide to spin this? Truth: Scott voted for a bipartisan amendment that allows religious hospitals to refer a patient seeking an abortion to an affiliate. The amendment simply protects the religious beliefs of doctors and hospitals opposed to killing unborn babies. Did I mention Scott was raised by a single mother and now lives with his wife and two daughters? It certainly is believable that Scott Brown opposes medical care for rape victims.

Lie number two: Just like Bush and Cheney, Scott only wants to give the wealthiest two percent a tax break. Again, really? Truth: Scott not only wants to give “across the board” tax cuts to all Americans, he has said it repeatedly in television ads. As a young child, Scott understood firsthand the financial struggles of a child raised on welfare. It certainly does make sense that State Senator Brown opposes stimulating the economy by making “across the board” tax cuts. Hang on, there’s more…

Lie number three: Scott Brown if elected, will be forced to further the agendas of various special interest groups as repayment for getting him elected. Yes, it’s true. With Scott’s average donation being about ten bucks, he will be forced to fight for each “special interest” group (i.e. American citizen) who so generously donated to his campaign. Further, individual donations to Brown’s campaign may not exceed $2,400. Truth: the single largest special interest group in the Country, SEIU, backs Martha Coakley. Coakley receives donations from SEIU in the tens of thousands. Also, many sizable law firms (or cronies) are contributing to Martha’s campaign with sums north of $25,000.

The people of the Commonwealth along with the Nation are angry. Tuesday January 19th marks the first opportunity for America’s voice to be heard. Tuesday’s election will most likely serve as an indicator for the upcoming elections. Get out there, make your voice heard, and help send Congress a message. I leave you with the words of Daniel Webster: “The contest for ages has been to rescue liberty from the grasp of executive power.”