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Two More al-Qaeda Leaders Realize There Are No Virgins Waiting For Them

In Breaking News, military, Muslims, terrorism, War, World News on April 19, 2010 at 9:51 am

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(By Nathan R. Jessup)

Ever wonder what happens at that moment when al-Qaeda martyrs realize they made a big mistake? Fortunately, an increasing number of these murderous radicals are finding out what is really in store for them, death. Today, two more were disappointed…

The Washington Post has the story:

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Muslims Rape And Torture Young Girls For Practicing Christianity

In Muslims, terrorism, War, World News on March 11, 2010 at 1:25 am

(By Nathan R. Jessup)

This video was recently sent to me by one of my readers.  Regardless of  subtitles, the interview is well worth watching (until the end).  The woman you will see in the video has rescued over 200 christian girls from rape, torture and abuse [all performed in the name of Allah].  All the young girls are guilty of the same crime: practicing Christianity.

I am posting this disturbing footage not to horrify my readers, but rather expose the brutality of a religion that claims to have peace as its central focus.  Is this type of behavior condoned or worse, encouraged by the Islamic faith, or simply the work of radical agents of terror?  I am asking for an explanation.

(A special thanks to “Fenglorp” for sending the video)

Shocking VIDEO: Terrorist Abu Abdullah On CNN

In Muslims, Our Troops, Religion, terrorism, World News on February 19, 2010 at 2:07 am

Abdu Abdullah, a British born citizen who only recently converted to Islam justifies the attacks on 9/11 with his new-found religion.

(Source: He may be may be one of the most controversial men walking the streets of Britain right now. He’s a convert to Islam that mixes no words about his adoration for Osama Bin Ladin and his hatred for the United States.  CNN’s Dan Rivers sat down for this eye-opening interview of Abu Abdullah.

From the transcript:

Rivers: You love Osama Bin Ladin?

Abdullah: I love him more than myself.

Rivers: Do you think that America and Britain will be subjected to more attacks?

Abdullah: It should be.

Radical Islam. Not much more to say.

God Bless America…

America Welcomes Terrorism

In freedom, Integrity, living free, Religion on January 7, 2010 at 7:38 pm

America.  What a strong and courageous Country we once were – and along came hope and change.  Terrorists everywhere are jumping for jihad with America’s newfound sensitivity.  Throughout the eight years of Bush’s presidency our Country was “arrogant, ignorant, and brash”, but we were safe.  It sure is nice to know the world no longer sees America as brash.

Barack Obama began his young presidency with a pledge to “fundamentally transform America”.  The first order of business: apologize for past transgressions. For months our subservient Commander-in-Chief rattled off speech after speech explaining how, under his leadership, America would never be the same; a promise he surely kept.

Eventually, the speeches became reality and Obama began a worldwide tour of bows and beers.  A hug-it-out beer summit here, a bow to a Middle Eastern Sheik there and before we know it, change is underway.  In the spirit of hope and change Obama made a new pledge to shut down Guantanamo Bay, a home for failed jihadists. Obama suggests Guantanamo is largely responsible for terrorism in America.  Gateway Pundit explains:

“Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula first came to prominence in Saudi Arabia in May 2003. There is absolutely no proof that Gitmo had anything to do with the group’s formation. The first operational leader of AQAP was killed in June 2003.”

If GITMO actually closes, more than half its detainees will return to Yemen, a growing hotbed for young terrorists.  Is it really a surprise Al Qaeda remains one move ahead while our US President dances two steps behind the music?  Surrendering lunch money to a schoolyard bully has never been a practice of the United States, until now.

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Is Islam Misunderstood?

In freedom, living free, Religion on December 1, 2009 at 4:47 pm

I doubt I need to explain to you how I felt after watching this video. With this post, I am diverging somewhat from my usual discussion of major news events in the hopes of sharing some thoughts which have kicked around my head. Much of what I discuss in this post are questions, a few observations, and a bit of opinion, if permitted. First off, when I see a hatred towards America or the American people, I must admit, I have a strong want to understand why. Perhaps my curiosity stems from my own personal nature, perhaps somewhere else. Either way, it led me to do some serious thinking…

In America, we have our share of murder, rape, and violence, I am not denying that. I understand there is always a minute percentage of any population that will show this type of reckless behavior.  I do not believe the men in the video represent that small percentage of the population however.  Instead, I feel these men are acting out primarily because of their misguided and ritualistic indoctrination. Does Islam support world domination (I feel rather silly even asking-but it’s a legitimate question)? Does Islam teach that every man, woman and child must submit to Islam? And if they don’t, what is the cost?

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