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Bribes, Ben And Back-Room Politics

In Corruption, Government Lies, Health Care, Integrity, morality on December 31, 2009 at 4:01 pm

Health care reform, such a wonderful idea in theory; extend coverage to millions, improve care, find better doctors [somewhere], full coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, taming evil insurance companies and lower costs for small business all while protecting Medicare. Wow. And the best part of the proposed legislation: it significantly reduces our national deficit. With all the thoughtful amenities Harry Reid and company are unselfishly offering, how could any sane American refuse? Just sayin’.

Now back to reality.  When you hear “Senators are mostly an honest bunch” or “Congress only wants what is best for the American people”, what sorts of things come to mind? Personally, I struggle to refrain from laughing aloud. Now maybe you are one of the few who truly believe members of Congress are an honest and decent collection of patriots (no, seriously). I just can’t seem to get around the pesky facts: Read the rest of this entry »