Nathan R. Jessup

Elite Forces

The brave men and women who protect and serve our great Nation do more than you know, and they ought to be recognized. Not to mention, their ‘average’ day will most likely blow your mind.  Thank you for ALL you do.


America’s Navy

A special thanks to our brave men and women who fight for our freedom

BUDS Navy SEAL training – Hellweek

  1. yea right. this is what we need. we need to kill more Muslims. that will solve all our problems.

  2. Nate ignore the idiot! The libs are everywhere and they do not wish peace upon us. The comments from the far left lately (today) on GWP are pure evil and speak of death. I shall return and soon. My word is my bond. Be right back…

  3. The comments from GWP are under the name “Another Blow to the Radical Left….58%…..” Look for Axel and Todd. Later. Take care as will I.

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