Nathan R. Jessup


I want to say a few things before you view these videos. First, the material in this series is quite disturbing. Second, this section is NOT an attempt to show hatred or denounce any other religion. This section of the site is designed to bring the behavior of radical Islam to light and ASK for insight. I will admit that I am at a complete loss in trying to understand how such behavior is not only acceptable but promoted in ANY religion. Am I wrong about these acts being condoned by the Islamic faith? Help America understand…

  1. Quite frankly, you are wrong sir. You can find purportedly “Islamic” positions that justify anything and everything. For the correct version, you have to find out what the overwhelming majority of Muslim scholars say. For example:


    which unequivocally condemns terrorism and extremism, and is signed by hundreds of leading Islamic scholars, Imams and Muslim intellectuals worldwide. See:

  2. @ Shukri,
    I am Christian, & you do not see dozens of “fringe” or “radical” Christian pastors justifying behaviors such as these.

    Even though I do not demonize Muslims….the “he should not beat her as he would an animal or a CHILD, slapping them right & left” leaves me incredulous. Child abuse is one of the most hideous wrongs there is.
    SO, Muslims say these “extremeists” do not represent Islam as a whole? I’m sorry, if a respected Christian pastor ever condoned child abuse, I would be SERIOUSLY reconsidering my faith.

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