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Couple Brutally Beaten For Wearing Sarah Palin Pins

In America, radical left, Sarah Palin on April 14, 2010 at 8:50 pm

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(By Joanne Galloway)

(Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the story)

It’s getting ugly out there folks.

Assuming that the facts of this story are true – A GOP staffer was badly beaten – she and her boyfriend – all for wearing Sarah Palin pins.   She has a badly broken leg, her boyfriend a concussion and broken jaw.  A photographer at the event says that the protesters outside the event had been yelling “F***Y**” amongst other crude things at everyone who came and went from the restaurant.

Why would something like this happen?  One reason could be supporters of the Obama administration are currently starting websites like this one in an attempt to demonize the Tea Party, in a hope that it looses all credibility.  It should be noted, however,  this site does call for “non-violent” acts of protest and infiltration.

I have personally witnessed infiltrations into conservative Facebook fan pages by individuals with fake profiles, claiming to love Jesus and conservatism, but their wall is full of anti-Semitic hate speech, and links to violent anti-US protests – even pro-Socialist efforts.

If you go to the Communist Party USA website, and look for their Constitution, or even just under the FAQ’s you’ll find a complete list of  (Obama’s) objectives for this country.  The Communist Party USA says to achieve their objective of “fundamentally transforming America” they must first – nationalize the banks, auto industry and health care. Check, check, and check. The next step?  REVOLUTION.

Now what would you need to start a revolution?

You can be the judge here.

Oh, by the way, if you click on the “Take Action” link on the CPUSA website, guess where it takes you?

It’s getting ugly out there folks.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has more on the story

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