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Boston Tea Party 2010 (Palin Speaks To Thousands Of Patriots On Boston Commons)

In America, Breaking News, Conservatives, freedom, Health Care, liberty, living free, Patriot, Sarah Palin, Tea Party on April 14, 2010 at 3:35 pm

(By Nathan R. Jessup)

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(Sarah Palin before her speech)  Being right next to the stage, I had the pleasure of saying hello to Sarah and Todd Palin.

(Sarah talks to supporters)

(Michael Graham and the Great and Powerful Tom get ready to take the stage. Michael did a great job pumping up the crowd today)

(Todd Palin watching his wife’s speech)

(Michelle McPhee in front of the Tea Party Express Tour Bus)

(The Palins pull up in their SUV and are greeted by thousands of cheering Tea Party members)

(Every media outlet I could think of was there.  Interesting how MSNBC reported “less than a thousand in attendance”. You will laugh about their “reporting” after seeing the following pictures of the crowd. One of the best quotes of the day: “The Globe will read about this in the Herald tomorrow”)

(Just a small section of the press pool)

(Constitution wear)

(Tea Party Express Tour Bus)

(Just slice of the crowd. Because I did not have a wide-angle lens it was difficult to capture everyone. Everyone you see to the left is more press.)

(A slightly wider shot.  I had to step back a bit to get a wider angle)

(Gee MSNBC, care to rethink your math?)

(The all new patriotic Hybrid by Jeep)

(The State House where all the corruption magic happens)

(And of course, FOX News studios Boston office)

Check back soon for additional photos and videos including Sarah Palin’s speech and some great musical performances. What a day!

UPDATE: HotAir reports on Palin’s visit to the Bay State

UPDATE: Michael Williams Master Of None has photos from the St. Louis Tea Party

  1. Lovin what you’re doin, Bro! Great looking site…Great report and Great photos to back it up. I think we need to add you to the blog roll at I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

  2. […] Contributing writer Dell Hill wants us to know about Nathan Jessup’s  “The Raw Deal” blog, whhad a great ring-side seat and got some  fantastic up-close-and-personal shots of Sarah Paliin (see them here) […]

  3. Love that Sarah Palin she has my vote for 2012

  4. […] & blogger Nathan R. Jessup has Boston Tea Party photos posted online: click here to view them. I especially liked this one — click the image to enlarge: Portion of the crowd at Boston […]

  5. Terrific pics. Saw your link over in Sissy’s comments. Glad I had a minute to click through and have a look. Wish I could’ve been there.

  6. I was there on the Boston Common too. Mostly white men, 50 Years or older, loaded up with signs mostly that attempt to delegitimize the President (socialist, hitler, yaddayaddayadda), etc. As I at least fit that physical description, maybe the vitriol I got for holding my “Lie, baby, Lie” sign against Palin was an expectation that I should be one of them. Maybe I’m guilty of wishful thinking, but the NYT/CBS poll last week of the Tea Party has put this overblown movement in its proper perspective for me:

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