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756 Things Blamed on Global Warming

In America, Obama, World News on April 11, 2010 at 11:50 am

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Poll: Americans care least about Global Warming.

(Source: What does cannibalism, the extinction of possums, kidney stones, a shortage of truffles and the crash of an Air France jet have in common? They have all been linked in one way or another to global warming.

“Hardly a day goes by that the media don’t blame something on global warming,” an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily observes.

“The British-based science watchdog, Number Watch, wondered just how many and went to the trouble of documenting them. It has kept on its Web site a near-comprehensive set of links to a long list of things attributed by either scientific research or the media to global warming . . .

“In perusing the list one thing will become clear: just how much the fear of global warming has come to taint both science and news reporting on the issue.”

The list compiled by Number Watch includes 756 items linked to global warming.

For example, an increase in the number of cats and kittens being brought to animal shelters in the U.S. has been attributed by a national adoption organization to “an extended cat breeding season thanks to the world’s warming temperatures,” the LiveScience Web site reported.

And the governor of Tokyo said last year that the 2016 Olympics could be the last ever. “Global warming is getting worse,” he said in remarks reported by Reuters. “We have to come up with measures without which Olympic Games could not last long.”

Among the items on the list: acne, alligators in Britain’s Thames River, brain-eating amoebas, childhood insomnia, the risk of an asteroid strike, attacks from killer jellyfish, the death of the Loch Ness monster, killer cornflakes, the extinction of salmon, and a change in the tilt of the Earth’s axis.

Also on the list: frogs with extra heads, frostbite, witchcraft executions, traffic jams, UFO sightings, a walrus stampede, an invasion of king crabs, indigestion, short-nosed dogs, and nuclear war.

  1. Here is what we do know: at the very, very least all of the carbon dioxide and other gases we release into the atmosphere are bad for our lungs (see china and parts of California where people are dying from it).
    We can tell by analyzing the earths crust that after periods of intense volcanic activity(which releases carbon dioxide) the earth went through some very intense climate shifts and a lot of things died. It is difficult to predict when global warming( which would cause extreme hot AND cold weather conditions) will cause us real problems because there are too many different factors to make a perfect weather model, but that doesn’t mean that scientists are unsure about whether or not we are causing global warming.
    *Side note: Global warming used to be a big issue to the republican party but they found out that it was unpopular because of the price tag and didn’t want to disapoint their fiscal conservatives. Instead they decided to bury their heads in the sand and worry about what gay people do when they are alone together.

    • “Here is what we do know: at the very, very least all of the carbon dioxide and other gases we release into the atmosphere are bad for our lungs (see china and parts of California where people are dying from it)”

      Are we talking about the same carbon dioxide? The kind we breathe out when we exhale? The kind that plants need to survive and in turn, produce oxygen?

      Let’s just say man does in some way play a role in climate change (forget weather patterns that cycle every 100, 1000 or even 10,000 years), would you want government to have control over the trillions of dollars involved? That’s a pretty optimistic outlook for an organization that wastes more money than we could possibly burn in a forest fire.

  2. Aplogies, I wrote quickly. I had intended to point out that POLLUTION from burning fossil fuels is bad for our health. The argument about carbon dioxide was intended to be applied to my statement about volcanoes in the following paragraph.
    As far as the political arena, our country needs to come to some kind of agreement about our combined emissions. Regardless of how we decide to go about it we need to do something. Just out of curiousity, why are you so angry/ skeptical about global warming? My concern is that if we do nothing the world will soon experience extreme weather conditions that will cause a lot of people to die. Solutions?questions?answers?

    • Fair enough. I wouldn’t say I am angry; frustrated, yes. Here’s why: I feel as though pollution is bad. Naturally. I don’t want my lakes filthy, my air smoggy, my trees scarce. I believe we share some common ground there. Now, the entire global warming scare (I feel) is being promoted for financial reasons. I understand to you, it must look like this guy doesn’t care about the planet?? Who wouldn’t care about the planet??!! To the contrary, I am an avid fly-fisher, naturalist and love animals (in fact, I work with them).

      Our government has yet to miss an opportunity to gain further control by preying on those easily convinced (of anything). Many of the weather patterns we see today (again, I feel) are due to factors far beyond human control. Does it ever concern you, the manner in which these endeavors are undertaken? Falsified scientific data, the silencing of those who share a different alternative etc? Sadly, “Any means necessary” is steadily becoming the motto of our free-swinging Federal Government…

  3. I think that at some point being concerned about the planet became associated with being some hippie tree hugger who thinks that we should spend our days frolicking with Bambie in the flowers. My take on it is that at some point all of the pollution and waste of recources will affect our health and mortality. I am less interested in what either the republicans or the democrats think of the situation. You can always count on corruption and personal agendas in politics. As for being easily convinced, I’m not. However, I do my best to research and get informed on things before I form an opinion, which I think we all have an obligation to do in order to call ourselves proud to be Americans. In my opinion, (and I have read up on both sides of the issue) there is more evidence for than against. I like this kind of debate, thanks!

    • I too enjoy debates like this (you will find the majority of debates at the Raw Deal to be similar in style; respectful and insightful). In the spirit of education, might I offer up an additional source information gathering (and one of the best blogs on the web regarding climate science):

      I hope you find it as well researched as I did. Oh, and welcome to the world of being packaged neatly in a box and sold to anyone waving a nickel. Just as “global advocates” are hippies, those disputing the hype are gun-toting, conservative, racist, war-loving Republicans. I guess human behavior is somewhat consistent eh?

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