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Steve Jobs And Che Guevara ?

In communism, Opinion, World News on April 9, 2010 at 12:29 pm

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(By Joanne Galloway)

I am all for freedom of speech, but I don’t understand why an American company would choose to “revere” a Marxist murderer in this way.  Steve Jobs’ Apple company has a new application – it’s the “Che Guevara – Just the Facts” eBook..  For those of you who don’t already know who Che Guevara is, or maybe have just heard the name, here’s an image that might be familiar to you:

He look familiar?

Well, here’s what Apple has to say about their new Che Guevara Application compatible for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

“Ernesto “Che” Guevara, known as El Che or Che, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, diplomat, military theorist and guerrilla warfare leader and major figure in the Cuban Revolution. Even after his death, Guevara remains both a revered and reviled historical figure and his visage and name have become ubiquitous with counterculture and rebellion. It provides you with a truly remarkable account of this great person’s life.  Starting with his early life and education, the book goes on to chronicle his great achievements and ends with an account of his legacy.”

Holy mother of crap!  “Revered”? “A truly remarkable account of the great person’s life”?  “great achievements”?  *gagging*

Che Guevara was a murderous thug, who executed hundreds of people. I am not sure why Apple thinks that this is such a good idea?   Guevara has many quotes which you can find littering the internet – but I wonder if the new Apple iPad app will contain these found on wiki….

“To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. … These are the procedures of the bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate!”

The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have conserved their racial purity by a lack of affinity with washing,… the black is indolent and fanciful, he spends his money on frivolity and drink; the European comes from a tradition of working and saving which follows him to this corner of America and drives him to get ahead.”

“We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing.”

“Mexicans are a band of illiterate Indians.”

I wonder if these two know he said those things?

  1. Che’s “CRIMES” were

    ~ Overthrowing a brutal U$ backed dictator allied with the Mafia (Batista)

    ~ Stopping American companies from owning 70 % of the arable land in Cuba

    ~ Teaching peasants to read, by bringing the Cuban literacy rate from 60 to 97 %

    ~ Having the 200 or so War Criminals who killed 20,000 Cubans for Batista shot against a wall

    ~ Speaking out against South African Apartheid to the UN in 1964

    ~ Fighting white mercenaries in the African Congo with an all black army

    ~ Speaking out against U$ and eventually USSR Imperialism while demanding that the poor of the world be allowed to live a life of dignity

    “Che’s life is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom, we will always honor his memory.” — Nelson Mandela

  2. There is no dignity in the radical beliefs of Che Guevara. He would have rather had all those “poor peasants” nuked, despite the soviet turn around during the missle crisis. In Che’s own words regarding those poor beloved peasants, he was …”ready to sacrifice itself to nuclear arms, that its ashes might serve as a basis for new societies.” – that is how married he was to communism.

    In fact it has been the habit of the communist party to tout Che as a “selfless humanitarian courageously fighting for ‘social justice.’ He’s the Marxists’ martyred Christ figure ”

    But, much unlike Christ who died for his people, Che willingly lead groups of impressionable young idealists to their death (while he ran).

    If I may offer an analogy to this, the movie 300 has a great example of the difference in those who would fight and die for a people, or for an idea. The god-King Xerxes says to King Leonidis, “I would give half my force of men to ensure a victory.” Leonidis retorts, “And I would die for but one of mine”.

    In that analogy, I think you have the defined difference between Che Guevara and the idea that the individual life has meaning – being a true humanitarian. Che not only sacrificed those ignorant young peasants, but he abandoned them and ran like a coward.

    Che executed Batista’s men without trial. He just shot them, often point blank in the head. Even if all the men he executed were guilty, (which I cannot speak to in point of fact), where is the humanity in execution by dictator? No trial? (how loving and progressive).

    One of your statement, having an “all black army” – who cares if the army is “all black” – what the heck does that even mean? That he’s one hell of a guy for taking the poor opressed black men to their deaths? It’s statements like that, I believe, that only perpetuates a race war. I prefer to think of the citizens of America as Americans. Not African American, not Hispanic American, AMERICANS. I don’t think people need a label to get a leg up – I think blacks, hispanics, whites – all are intelligent enough to make it on their own, and don’t need any special title. Otherwise what are we saying? That a special group is too stupid to make it on their own without special benefit or opression of another? That’s just racist on it’s face.

    Che was a political nut who saw everything in stark black and white. He visciously opposed freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, protest, or any other rights not completely consistent with his communism. He had gays jailed and opposed all free elections.

    He abandoned 2 wives, and numerous legitimate and illigitimate children, he studied to be a doctor, but never had a practice. He ran the cuban economy into the ground – (and has Cuba recovered since?)

    The bottom line here is that Che was a communist. And, if you support him and his ideas, then you are at the very least a sympathizer to communists. There is no room for communism in the United States of America.

    So Marcos – you are obviously entitled to your opinions, but Che was no hero – and I just lost a whole lotta respect for Mandela if he said that – because Che was not into freedom, but rather it’s oppostie – opression. Communism is the opposite of freedom – it tells you what you can have, how much and how often. Capitalism gives you the option to choose. To choose whether you make money, or sit on your butt and not work, but it doesn’t impose limits on you for how much, how often and what you may have. It’s up to the individual.

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