Nathan R. Jessup

Caption Contest Is Back!

In funny, Obama on April 5, 2010 at 10:08 am

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Free your mind and give us your best caption for this photo. Be creative! Good luck…

  1. Be quiet or your health care benefits are gone.

  2. “Hey bro, I got ADULTS to believe in me…”

  3. ROFL Nathan – bravo!

  4. President Barack Obama forced Vice President Biden to dress as the Easter Buddy this past Sunday as punishment for, well everything he has ever done.

  5. Obamanom nom nom…

  6. Joe really got egg on his face at that last press conference!

  7. Let me be clear…if I can just say it ONE MORE TIME, you’ll understand!

  8. Blackberry is horrified when President Obama tells her how the book “Watership Down” ends.

  9. Hillary, I’m serious, you wear this costume and we’ll bring a peace basket to Osama. He’ll definetly go for it, trust me.

  10. Trust me on this one, by next year I’ll have them believing that you are real.

  11. “Okay, her’s the deal, you dangle one carrot in front of them and then build on it. Who cares if it won’t work, my friend? It’s called multiplicity. We just confuse them with one lie upon another. Do you understand the concept of multiplicity? I can’t believe I’m asking you that.”

  12. “When the hell is Nathan going to declare Lou the winner and get this damn contest over with?”

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