Nathan R. Jessup

DNC Donations Fund Pole Dancers And Helicopters-Money Well Spent

In America, Breaking News, Congress, Corruption, Government Lies, US Senate on April 2, 2010 at 12:50 am

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Ever wonder why stories like this never get out? Great distraction PR teams I guess.

(Story By FrumForum)

While RNC chairman Michael Steele faces calls of resignation for questionable expenditures — including meals at a bondage-themed nightclub — it turns out the Democratic National Committee has been spending thousands of its own donor money on luxury hotels, limos and yes, scantily clad go-go dancers, FrumForum has discovered. Further, the DNC has been hiring White House helicopters for party use, while Steele fell into more hot water for even suggesting he might need a private jet.

An investigation by FrumForum of the DNC’s travel offset filings reveals a whole host of lavish spending. Among the highlights:

Late last year, Democrats partied it up at D.C.’s ‘Josephine’, when they dropped $5,850. The nightclub comes complete with two stripper poles and, according to one reviewer, a “skimpily clothed go-go dancer to feast your eyes on.”
In just the first two months of this year, the DNC spent half a million dollars on catering, parties, lodging and limos.  This includes a staggering $278,478.12 on Hilton hotels; $143,286 on catering from Susan Gage Caterers and Avalon Caterers; $36,956 on lodging at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, D.C.; an $11,154 event at the Kennedy Center; and about $1,500 in limo services.
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spent $14,098 on car service last year. Meanwhile, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent $48,270.25 on charter flights and limousines. Democrats even spent $36,874.39 to bring in Austrian celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck three times last year.
Put perhaps the most questionable expense was the DNC’s use of the trappings of the White House for partisan purposes: $232,436.81 spent on White House helicopters and White House In-flight Services since August of last year. The DNC’s White House helicopter expenditures have been unexamined until now because, unlike the RNC, the DNC files some of their travel expenses under a different Federal Elections Commission ID than their other expenses.

There’s clearly one thing that DNC donors are getting for their money, however: a better PR effort than the Republicans — the GOP has suffered much more political harm from much less egregious behavior — which has effectively kept these figures hushed until now.

  1. Nathan,

    While I appreciate the attempt at trying to show that both political parties are corrupt in their spending, I think you would have hit your mark more if a few days prior you explicitly commented on the RNC scandalous spending. As an aside in your opening remarks here it just further shows that you believe that everything one particular party does is wrong ipso facto.

    I’m not expecting your blog to be fair and balanced, just hoping that it would be more so than FOX News.

    Cheers my friend,

    PS – I fully agree that this type of spending is atrocious – by both parties. Working for a non-profit myself and be entrusted with donors money I feel the pressure regarding how to spend their donations. Spending a donors money on anything less than what it was intended for is unethical, and depending on how you read the laws on this subject, perhaps illegal. Also, being my Institute’s PR guy – yes, we do try to bury the bad stuff…that’s our job…but the truth always comes out in the wash (read: 990).

  2. Thank you for your comments. There are many, many stories I do not cover. The stories I do cover are designed to entertain, inform and ultimately contribute to America’s preservation. No question, law makers from both sides of the aisle are corrupt, my suggestion: expose and remove THEM ALL. The things I feel are right or wrong are not determined by the actions of one party or the other, they are founded in principle. As a Conservative writer I am inundated with stories sent to me by readers. Naturally, the bulk of the stories emailed revolve around the Conservative platform. This is the Raw Deal, not FOX News (fair and balanced is just a tag line). Should you have stories of corruption and/or morally void Congress members, send them along!


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