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Why Obamacare Will Cost You Everything

In America, Congress, constitution, Government Lies, Health Care, Obama, Pelosi, US Senate on March 25, 2010 at 9:16 pm

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(By Joanne Galloway)

Another company has made public just how much money it’s going to cost them for Obamacare.

(The Wall Street Journal has the story)

Verizon’s Executive vice president for human resources Marc Reed, wrote to company employees yesterday about Obamacare. “Many of the plans that Verizon offers to employees and retirees are projected to have costs above the threshold in the legislation and will be subject to the 40 percent excise tax.”  In other words – Verizon employees had some pretty good insurance coverage – and now Obamacare is going to punish them for it.

It’s no surprise to me, I can do second grade math.  You can’t insure 30 – 45 million more people with the same number of medical facilities and practitioners, and still have costs go down, pay no higher premiums, no taxes on the “middle and lower class” and keep up the same level of care without rationing. And all the while the democrats are claiming the bill is “deficit neutral”.

Perhaps Nancy and Barack should look up the word Finite.

Folks, there is no magic door in Washington that leads to a national treasure of wealth – this isn’t Harry Potter – you’re not going down to Gringott’s into a vault and see gold bars, coins and unlimited resources .  Our wealth resides in our companies, the products we make and consume, and with the private citizens.  The government is not a business, it does not produce a product, and it does not “generate revenue”.

Generate Revenue = taxes

So, first the Caterpillar company announced Obamacare would cost them 100 MILLION DOLLARS * Doctor Evil laugh* , and now Verizon projecting probable loss of drug coverage, plan options coverage cost increases – and the pink elephant of the article as it went without direct mention – layoffs and product price increases to cover Obamacare rules.

Folks this is the single biggest debacle in the history of the United States.  It’s also the first time in our country’s history where a bill this sweeping in power and substance is without a single bipartisan vote.

When FDR passed the New Deal legislation (arguably the New Deal legislation was the last time the US took this much control over the US economy) it was with bipartisan support.  Obamacare passed without a single republican vote.  Most democrats will tell you that proves how partisan the republicans are – that they are the party of “No”.

Based on the reports from companies like Verizon and Caterpillar – with thousands more companies to follow suit – and my second grade math calculations, I’d say the republicans are actually the party of “Know”.


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