Nathan R. Jessup

Ozzie Guillen Calls Sean Penn A “Clown” And “Stupid Leftist” On Twitter

In America, freedom, funny, living free, sports on March 15, 2010 at 11:04 am

(By Nathan R. Jessup)

I first saw this story on Gateway Pundit.  Here are Ozzie’s Tweets:

“Oh my god sean penn defended our president hugo chavez thats easy when you no live in venezuela and have money lol is a joke shame on you”

“Oh god you are very crazy go and move to our country you will change you mind”

White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen, a Venezuelan native, calls Sean Penn a “stupid leftist’ and “clown.”
The Chicago Tribune reported, via FOX Nation:

The outspoken White Sox manager called Penn a “payaso” (clown) and “izquierdista estupido” (stupid leftist) on Twitter Friday for his praise of controversial Venezuela President Hugo Chavez.

“Oh my God, Sean Penn defended our President Hugo Chavez,” Guillen, a Venezuela native, tweeted. “That’s easy when you [don’t] live in Venezuela and have money. LOL…shame on [you].”

Sounds to me like Venezuela might be a little bit different than our Hollywood elite suggest.  I’m not sure about you, but I will trust the native Venezuelan over the rich, American actor.  Penn’s comments are yet another example of how truly out-of-touch Hollywood is with the world.


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