Nathan R. Jessup

Baseball, Big Government And Fenway Park

In America, living free, Obama, Opinion, Red Sox, Uncategorized on February 26, 2010 at 2:57 am

America: land of the free and home of the brave.  Each summer, the words of Francis Scott Key sound off in ballparks across America.  Over the past thirty years I have enjoyed many magical moments at Fenway Park.  In a way I am unable to explain, America’s oldest ballpark brings me comfort and relief when I seem to need it most.  As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I am able to advise which beer lines are the shortest, which restrooms to avoid between innings and which sections will have your neck feeling like you just got rear-ended by a truck going sixty (sections 7, 8 and 9-watching the game with your head turned ninety degrees takes its toll).  You see, certain aspects of Fenway remain unchanged, and I count on that.

Frustrated by America’s new direction I found myself contemplating, “What might Government possibly learn from the home of the Green Monster?”  For starters, it can learn its role as was originally intended.  As a fan, I know my role; it is to cheer, boo (when needed) and above all, support my team through good times and bad.  Similarly, Government’s role is to support the American people by maintaining and protecting the field on which we play; it’s not to play with us.

In recent years our Federal Government has boldly given in to its desire to play on the people’s field.  Since President Obama’s inauguration, the public-sector infection has spread throughout the auto industry, the banking industry, health care and the climate (even mother nature can’t escape Government regulation).  With the current administrations lack of private-sector experience (less than 11%) it’s no wonder they want to give it a shot.  I’m sorry Government; Medicaid, Amtrak and the US Post Office all resulted in disaster and nobody wants you to play anymore.

Sadly, the Federal Government has the power, should they abuse it, to force their way onto our field.  It’s time for big Government to return to the job for which it was constructed: preserve and maintain the field of play.  America’s arena is now overrun with weeds and desperately needs repair.  While “America’s groundkeeper” doesn’t have the flashiest ring, it remains an essential job in preserving our nation’s prosperity.  The people have spoken and government needs to return to its job.  To my Government: “As an American and devoted member of Red Sox Nation, I ask you do us all a favor and get off the field, you didn’t make the team.”

With spring training just around the corner I eagerly await a new season where anything can happen.  Furthermore, I look forward to seeing the game I love played on the field I know so well.  Perhaps someday Government will understand that high-level play requires a consistent, well-maintained field-with no fan interference.

  1. Brilliant analogy.

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