Nathan R. Jessup

ACORN, Obama And The American Dream

In America, Andrew Breitbart, Corruption, illegal aliens, Obama on February 26, 2010 at 1:27 pm

The first video in this series shows Barrack Obama explaining how ACORN and others, during the first 100 days of his Presidency, will shape America’s future.  The footage was taken from the Heartland Democratic Presidential Forum on December 1st, 2007.

The next video (shot by James O’Keefe) uncovers an ACORN employee advising a 19-year-old (posing as a prostitute) on how to begin a brothel with thirteen (illegal) El Salvadorian children.  Unfortunately for ACORN, this was not an isolated incident.  James O’Keefe writes (via

A famous community organizer once said, “The only way to upset the power structure in your communities is to goad them, confuse them, irritate them and, most of all, make them live by their own rules.  If you make them live by their own rules, you destroy them.” Impossible demands can irritate modern leftists in ways nothing else can, whether it’s by banning Lucky Charms cereal because it’s racist against Irish people, calling Planned Parenthood saying you want to donate money for black abortions in the name of Margaret Sanger, or making Sen. Snowe sign an oversized bailout check for a billion dollars to Amtrak, in her own office.

And finally, the last video in the series captures yet another ACORN employee on camera saying some pretty unbelievable stuff.  The women in the video, when explaining how to avoid an abusive pimp, recommends the prostitute teach the El Salvadorian kids how to keep their mouths shut (notice the children in the background throughout the entire segment).

ACORN may be guilty of promoting child prostitution, tax evasion, and lies but they would never actually tamper with voter registration for the purpose of getting America’s first black President elected, would they?

UPDATE: Andrew Breitbart takes on his own enemy (via Gateway Pundit).


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