Nathan R. Jessup

Tiger Woods: "I Had Affairs, I Cheated"

In Breaking News, Tiger Woods on February 19, 2010 at 11:35 am

Reaction from the news outlets:

(11:21 am

After months of silence, Tiger Woods will publicly apologize today, at 11 A.M. (EST), for the sex scandal that has plagued him since November. After Mark Steinberg, Woods’s agent, announced the press conference earlier this week, many commentators have offered suggestions for what the world’s best golfer should say. But will he listen — and will he apologize in way that satisfies both his fans and his sponsors? To answer this, we’ll be regularly updating this posting throughout the press conference as the first reactions and opinions arrive.

To watch Woods’s press conference live online, click here.

“This man didn’t look believable at all. It’s almost laughable, these statements. Two or three more bad interviews, and this guy could be like Pee Wee Herman or Mike Tyson.” (Ron Torossian, CEO — 5W Public Relations, via ABC)
11:19 A.M.

“No timetable for return! Doesn’t know! Could be this year! Holy moly. Woods could be out the whole of 2010. So much for the Masters, so much for the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, the British Open at St. Andrews. What a year it might have been. And now he’s done, goodbye, Tiger.” (Golf)
11:18 A.M.

“No applause. Quiet like a funeral.” (Washington Post)
11:16 A.M.

“It’s really a very well crafted statement. He’ll win a lot of sympathy points. And he still won’t have to answer the tough questions.” (Washington Post)
11:15 A.M.

11:15 A.M.

“He’s also hoping that Accenture and his fellow pro golfers don’t mind he’s upstaging their weekend.” (NPR)
11:14 A.M.

“He hasn’t found God, but he’s talking about Buddhism. Does that count?” (Fanhouse)
11:12 A.M.

“What an amazing soap opera this is. And where IS Elin?” (Washington Post)
11:10 A.M.

“Angry Tiger! And now we’re back from the anger. ‘I stopped living by the core values that I believe in,’ he says. Okay, that’s better. ‘I thought only about myself.’ ‘I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to.’ ‘I felt I was entitled.’ Yes, yes and yes.” (Golf)
11:08 A.M.

“A lot of this seems very repetitive. Could have used a good editor.” (NPR)
11:08 A.M.

“Is Tiger a robot? Is it really him? I don’t think so. This is awful.” (Fanhouse)
11:06 A.M.

“I’m no Robin Givhan, but I think he should have worn a tie. Shows seriousness.” (Washington Post)
11:05 A.M.

“Not hearing anything new so far. Lots of mentions of “behavior” but no specifics on what his plans are. Didn’t take long to bring up the foundation, did it? Where is this going?” (Golf)
11:05 A.M.

“”Woods clearly is really taking this seriously. Very sober statement so far.” (NPR)
11:03 A.M.

“I’ll go ahead and predict the “he’s not really sad” backlash.” (Fanhouse)
11:03 A.M.

“I wish I could overstate my excitement for this, but I just can’t — the freaking Secret Service has been called in to run PGA Media security.” (Fanhouse)
10:44 A.M.


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