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Obama's First Year; A Case Study In Failed Lessons And Poor Judgment

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A good solid B+? Many would argue otherwise. President Obama has tirelessly maintained his stance that America simply needs to understand his vision for the future. The people simply aren’t listening. From where the President sits Americans seem the dumbest nation of people to ever be governed (not to mention extremely uncooperative). Or, could it be Obama is the one who fails to understand the people?

I took it upon myself to take a closer look at the many poor decisions the President has made since taking office. More often than not, poor decisions are the result of poor judgment. As I began to recall the many lapses in judgment by the young progressive, I struggle with where to begin. Due to overwhelming  examples, I will narrow the scope to six:

1. William Ayers, known terrorist, friend to the President

Again, the American people simply don’t understand Bill Ayers and his message; this was the rationale  behind Barack’s explanation for the questionable association. All the American people see is a man who is responsible for killing other Americans (including a police officer). How could they be so naive as to see only what is on the surface when demonizing such a great patriot?

Here is some insight from on Bill Ayers and his associations:

Mr. Ayers, who in 1970 was said to have summed up the Weatherman philosophy as: ”Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at,” is today distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. And he says he doesn’t actually remember suggesting that rich people be killed or that people kill their parents, but ”it’s been quoted so many times I’m beginning to think I did,” he said. ”It was a joke about the distribution of wealth.”

He went underground in 1970, after his girlfriend, Diana Oughton, and two other people were killed when bombs they were making exploded in a Greenwich Village town house. With him in the Weather Underground was Bernardine Dohrn, who was put on the F.B.I.’s 10 Most Wanted List. J. Edgar Hoover called her ”the most dangerous woman in America” and ”la Pasionara of the Lunatic Left.” Mr. Ayers and Ms. Dohrn later married. …

In 1969, after the Manson family murders in Beverly Hills, Ms. Dohrn told an S.D.S. audience: ”Dig it! Manson killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach.”Read more:

I am beginning to think perhaps it is you Mr. President, who fails to understand Bill Ayers.

2. The Messy Truth about Bush’s Obama’s War

With his shiny Nobel Peace Prize in tote, the President must now focus on actually being the man for which the honor was given. With two wars raging, Obama faces a challenge in maintaining the new title, peacemaker.  General McChrystal calls for 60,000 troops; Obama slowly trickles 30,000. explains: President Barack Obama’s plans to send 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan will have little impact on ending al-Qaida’s threat to the United States and may actually embolden the terrorist organization, according to Arnaud de Borchgrave, an author and veteran journalist who has covered events in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other hot spots since World War II.

The Newsmax columnist says the president’s rationale for escalating American involvement in Afghanistan makes little sense considering that less than 100 al-Qaida members remain in the country, according to several estimates.

Of course they’re not in Afghanistan, they’re in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan on the border,” de Borchgrave, who also works with the Transnational Threats Project with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Newsmax TV’s Kathleen Walter and Ashley Martella. “There’s no reason for them to be inside Afghanistan today since there’s a war going on, and al-Qaida isn’t interested in that kind of a war.

Barack Obama’s decisions in a time of war have sadly resulted in the unnecessary loss of American lives.

UPDATE: American Thinker reveals Obama’s lack of military understanding

UPDATE: American Thinker on ‘Obama’s terror-non policy’

3. Government-run health care aims to be as good as the US Postal Service

Wow, what a treat it would be to wait in long lines for treatment, have prescriptions “misplaced”, and wait two extra days to see a doctor-sign me up. The truth is, America’s health care system, as much as it needs improvement, remains one of the absolute best on the planet. So what was the President thinking when he compared the “public option” to the United States Post Office?

Washington Examiner reports: With a few hours’ reflection, it’s become clear that Barack Obama’s reference to the U.S. Postal Service at yesterday’s health care town hall was the most revealing, and damaging, thing the president has said in the entire health care debate.

Explaining why he believes a public option would not crowd out and ultimately eliminate private insurance, Obama said, “My answer is that if the private insurance companies are providing a good bargain, and if the public option has to be self-sustaining…then I think private insurers should be able to compete.  They do it all the time.  I mean, if you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right?  No, they are.  It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.”

In one brief phrase, Obama planted the image in the minds of millions of people: Government health care = Post Office.  Everyone has had the pleasant experience of waiting in line at the Post Office, and now Obama, whose intention was to dispel doubts about increasing government’s role in health care, has rhetorically linked health care reform with the Post Office experience.  If Republicans can’t make something of that, they don’t deserve to be called the opposition party.

The Heritage Foundation has done a good job telling us just how wrong-headed Obama’s Post Office remark was.  For example, private carriers are forbidden by law from delivering first-class mail to your home; the Postal Service loses billions of dollars each year; the Postmaster General complains that he doesn’t have the “tools” to run the Postal Service like a business.  But in the end, it is the image that Obama has put into the heads of millions of Americans, the one in which government health care looks like the Post Office, that could do grievous damage to the president’s dream of a government health care makeover.

4. KSM [civilian] trial in NYC?

Again, back to that image thing–Obama, understanding image is everything, felt it best to “showcase the American Judicial system to the world”, and showcase it would. After predicting a “guilty” verdict for KSM and crew in New York civilian court, Obama is now reconsidering the decision. Really? Huh, that’s odd.

(Source: NY DailyNews)

The White House ordered the Justice Department Thursday night to consider other places to try the 9/11 terror suspects after a wave of opposition to holding the trial in lower Manhattan.The dramatic turnabout came hours after Mayor Bloomberg said he would “prefer that they did it elsewhere” and then spoke to Attorney General Eric Holder. “It would be an inconvenience at the least, and probably that’s too mild a word for people that live in the neighborhood and businesses in the neighborhood,” Bloomberg told reporters. “There are places that would be less expensive for the taxpayers and less disruptive for New York City.”

State and city leaders have increasingly railed against a plan to try Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in Manhattan federal court since Holder proposed it last month. Sen. Chuck Schumer said he was “pleased” that the administration is reconsidering the location of the trial. Earlier in the day, Schumer spoke “with high-level members of the administration and urged them to find alternatives,” said the senator’s spokesman, Josh Vlasto.

The order to consider new venues does not change the White House’s position that Mohammed should be tried in civilian court. “President Obama is still committed to trying Mohammed and four other terrorist detainees in federal court,” spokesman Bill Burton said Thursday. Read more:

My humble prediction: not only will the KSM trial be moved from NYC, it will ultimately end up in Military Tribunal. Mr. Obama, don’t fight the sense that is common.

UPDATE: American Thinker on terrorists with Constitutional rights

5.Obama was wrong, Alito was right

In his first State Of The Union Address Obama openly criticized the Supreme Court for its 5-4 ruling on Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

( During his first State of the Union speech on Wednesday, President Barack Obama incorrectly stated that foreign nationals and foreign entities can now contribute unlimited amounts of money to U.S. political campaigns because of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling lifting certain campaign finance restrictions.

This prompted an immediate reaction from Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who, sitting directly in front of the president, shook his head and apparently mouthed the words “not true” when Obama made his remark.

The high court’s 5-4 ruling in a First Amendment case, Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission (FEC), lifted restrictions for companies, unions, and other organizations to make independent expenditures in political campaigns.

The court decision, however does not allow corporations to contribute directly to a campaign or coordinate expenditures with a campaign. Nor did the ruling lift existing law that blocks foreign contributions to political campaigns.

In his speech, Obama also claimed the court reversed 100 years of law when, in fact, it overturned a 1990 decision in Austin vs. Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Also, parts of the McCain-Feingold reform bill from 2002 that restricted independent political advertising in the closing days of an election were struck down.

“With all due deference to separation of powers, last week the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections,” Obama said.

“I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities,” the president said. “They should be decided by the American people. And I’d urge Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps to correct some of these problems.”

Under the FEC regulation 11 CFR 110.20(i): “A foreign national shall not direct, dictate, control, or directly or indirectly participate in the decision-making process of any person, such as a corporation, labor organization, political committee, or political organization with regard to such person’s Federal or non-Federal election-related activities, such as decisions concerning the making of contributions, donations, expenditures, or disbursements in connection with elections for any Federal, State, or local office or decisions concerning the administration of a political committee.”

Further, federal law, under 2 USC 441-Sec. 441e, also prohibits foreign donations.

UPDATE: Gatewat Pundit covers reaction to SOTU

6. White House reveals $3.8 trillion budget

Is it possible to actually spend your way out of trouble? I’m beginning to understand why Obama didn’t actually explain the actual state of the union during his first address. With all the missteps Obama has made in his first year in office, financial destruction will be his biggest yet.

Wallstreet Journal Online explains the true state of the union:

“President Barack Obama’s $3.8 trillion budget for the coming fiscal year raises taxes on businesses and upper-income households by $2 trillion over 10 years and cuts spending on programs with considerable political support, but will still leave the nation with $8.5 trillion in added debt over the next decade.

The budget plan for fiscal 2011 calls for nearly $1 trillion in tax increases on families with income above $250,000 over the next decade—largely by allowing tax cuts from the administration of George W. Bush to expire. But extensions of Bush tax cuts for the middle class, plus new tax cuts in Mr. Obama’s jobs program, would cost the government $284 billion over the coming decade.”

The budget’s political pain and the difficult choices it poses for fiscal 2011 and beyond underscore the fiscal hole the nation finds itself in after a decade of deficits and a deep recession. It will add fuel to the election-year debate over the size and scope of government that Americans want and their willingness to pay for it.

“It tells you we’re in a lot worse shape than advertised,” said David Walker, a former U.S. comptroller and now president of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, a think tank focused on budget reduction.

Budget analysts say the plan, for the fiscal year that begins in October, shows the obstacles in the way of Mr. Obama’s effort to close the budget gap without raising taxes on the vast majority of Americans.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit covers reckless spending

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit discusses Obama deficit flip-flop

UPDATE: Jawa Report explains “Blame Bush” economics

Recap: Obama regards Bill Ayers as a patriot, feels General McChrystal doesn’t know his job, thinks health care should be run by the Government, agrees terrorist should have Constitutional rights, lied about the Supreme Courts decision, and finally believes America needs to spend its way out of recession. How do you think his first year went?

God Bless America

UPDATE: HotAir-Obama losing religious support

UPDATE: Doug Ross explains how to take down America

  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT!

    The economy is just his worst understanding to date IMHO – a first grader could tell you that you can’t spend money you don’t have and hope that gets you OUT of debt.

    He’s got this whole “jobs” idea backwards. We dont’ need “jobs” – we need businesses, we need goods and services that are worth something. And the government doesn’t PRODUCE anything (save lazy overpaid, inefficent paper pushers). The government must stop the over-regulation and tax burdening of the producers of wealth in this nation. It’s a fundamental lack of understanding on the parts of many Americans, and it’s the decisive plan of a Socialist to destroy the free market that led to the wealth, prosperity and happiness of the US people – that’s what the budget, the spending, the stimulus and the jobs bill are.

    Obama needs to take some courses in Economics, but then again, that’s only if he wants this country to succeed, which I am now convinced, has never been his intent.

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