Nathan R. Jessup

Thaddeus McCotter: My New Hero

In Congress, freedom, Integrity, living free, US Senate on January 28, 2010 at 11:23 pm

Thaddeus McCotter is the definition of what a politician SHOULD be-a true public servant. This guy is awesome. No double speak, no over-the-top rhetoric, no nonsense. He tells Congress, in plain English, exactly what he thinks. Watch him bring everyone in Congress back to earth:

Here is another great video of him. (and as Jawa Report puts it, another roundhouse kick of common sense and wisdom)

  1. Seen him on Fox Red Eye and he’s very witty, too.

  2. Agreed. Imagine an honest, hardworking, straight shooter politician who is truly there to serve the people? This type of man needs to be seen by more people. If McCotter gets more exposure to the public it will have the American people wanting more. Go Thad!! (We can add Scott Brown to the list of TRUE public servants)

  3. No teleprompter dependent stumbling speaker there. My goodness, I admire his style and clarity. He gets more across inside a two minute allotment than someone else manages in over seventy minutes. This man deserves national exposure!

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  4. Refreshing to know it’s out there.

  5. […] reading my previous posts on Scott Brown and Thad McCotter, could you ever imagine either of them wasting tax dollars like Pelosi? The time has come to usher […]

  6. […] bold patriotism electrified audience members as they listened to his plan for the future.  First, Thaddeus McCotter, then Scott Brown, and now Marco Rubio? See a trend?  Make no mistake, these are citizens stepping […]

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