Nathan R. Jessup

Spending Freeze; Reactionary Obama Late Again

In Congress, Government Lies, Obama, US Senate on January 26, 2010 at 1:11 am

Here we go again. A day late and twelve trillion dollars short. Obama is set to announce during his State of The Union Address, a spending freeze-almost. Redstate reports:

“Teh Twitter is abuzz with posts on the rumor that Barack Obama will be announcing a “spending freeze” on discretionary spending during the State of the Union address.  Pay close attention to the words:  discretionary spending.  The word on the street is that his request will exempt “the Pentagon, veterans programs, foreign aid and homeland security” from this so-called “freeze.”  There are a couple of key items to consider:

  1. What exactly does he mean by “freeze?”  Does it mean “freeze the level of spending at the bloated 2009 numbers”?  Or does it mean “don’t increase these programs any more in 2010 than we did in 2009?  Or does it mean “stick to historic growth levels, rather than Obama-caliber spending increases”?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. Discretionary spending means non-entitlement spending.  When you subtract out entitlements:  Medicare & Social Security, and then you subtract defense-related spending, there is precious little left.  In fact, it comes out to less than fifteen percent of the federal budget.*  Barack Obama’s so-called “stimulus” program totaled around $750B – that’s almost 50% greater than the entire non-defense discretionary budget for 2009. Freezing 15% of the federal budget is a drop in the bucket.  (see page 8 of this PDF)”

I don’t quite know whether I should be impressed by the reckless determination or astonished by the reprehensible lack of foresight. Either way, we’re screwed…

(Courtesy of Gateway Pundit) -“For the record, Democrats are likely to quadruple Bush’s 2008 budget deficit this year after tripling it last year.”


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