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Curt Schilling Heavily Endorses Scott Brown

In Health Care, Scott Brown on January 5, 2010 at 12:15 pm

The people are speaking out, and they are for Scott Brown. Long gone are the days that a liberal Democrat from Massachusetts can win a landslide victory by going on vacation. Scott emailed me last night saying, “I am campaigning 24/7 and am getting a great response”. Legal Insurrection points out that Brown leads by 44% with independent voters. “Hey Martha, time to get back to work, it aint over yet”  Yesterday, Boston Red Sox Legend, Curt Schilling came out in support of Scott Brown on his 38 Pitches Blog.

Below are just a few of the voices being heard:

January 5th, 2010 | 10:05 am | #9

“I called around 200 houses and will call more soon.I wish I lived there i would be in the street everyday holding a sign handing out flyers.”

January 5th, 2010 | 10:12 am | #11

“I sent him $ yesterday. I’ll never ever send to the RNC.”

January 5th, 2010 | 9:55 am | #7

“I just pledged to donate on Jan. 11th directly to his campaign. Please everyone call the RNC at 202-863-8500, press 2, and tell them to support Scott Brown. I just did and they said they are getting an avalanche of calls from all over the country demanding that the RNC support him.”

CasinoMAn wrote:

“sure you can throw a lot of money on the favorite, but you get very little in return,
the only way you can win big, is by betting on the long shot,”

ItsNotTooLate wrote:

“Raising a ton of money does not make one a good leader. Obama raised much more money than McCain and look how that is turning out. Vote for the candidate not the money.”

dsilenzi wrote:

“Well its politics as usual. With all that $money$ coming in those who gave the most will be getting special treatment I guess special interests are alive and well! I guess that leaves out the majority again!”

127guy wrote:

“Suggest they spend some money on a milk carton ad with her picture on it… Anyone heard from Martha lately? My guess is that this will also be her profile if elected.”

IRErocks wrote:

“I guess she feels you can still buy an election…

Let’s prove her wrong.

A with regards to the National GOP, time to send them a message to…the same old same old is gone, time to change and you guys need to get on message or we will elect republicans that will change the party, like Scott.”

Agentfostergrant wrote:

“Moonbat Martha is getting bankrolled by the SEIU, trial lawyers, and the state hack machine.

She is deathly afraid of debating Scott Brown and wants to back into this seat without earning it.

Deep down – she knows what she stands for is the continued
push of the Obama socialist agenda and she doesn’t want voters to know.

Brown 2010!!!!”

The comments were taken from Gateway Pundit and

Please share some of your favorites in the comments section below. Also, PLEASE call the RNC and tell them they need to support Scott Brown. He can win.

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UPDATE: (New Comments Roll In) JBuzzNo Gravatar

January 5th, 2010 | 10:55 am | #12

“I just called the RNC and was told by the man answering the phone that he personally was working on Scott Brown’s campaign as we were speaking. He also said he was in full agreement that the RNC should be backing Scott. According to him they are having a meeting this afternoon to discuss Scott Brown. Let’s hope the RNC has seen the “light”. We must win this fight. I will be
sending money this afternoon and beg everyone to do the same. Please call the RNC at 202-863-8500, press 2, and beg them to help Scott. I wish I could be in the streets to help but alas I am in California. That is a whole different gut churning battle.”

sandyNo Gravatar

January 5th, 2010 | 11:03 am | #14

“Just called the RNC and was told they had an avalanche of calls from all over the country asking the RNC to support Scott Brown. While they haven’t made their decision as yet they are sending him more money for TV Ads and will make their decision soon.

The man I spoke to seemed genuinely overwhelmed by the response to Scott Brown. Keep it up guys — IT’S PEOPLE POWER!”

UPDATE: Anyone interested in helping Scott’s campaign by hitting the phones can get involved HERE.

UPDATE: An older voter speaks out

UPDATE: New York Time reports: Democrats Anxious Over Once-Safe Seat

UPDATE: Toss up in Massachusetts

  1. Thought you’d like to see this. Thought about it in relation to Curt Shilling as I couldn’t remember the baseball player from over 30 years ago.
    “Semper Fi”

  2. Loved it! I shared it with my whole mailing list…

  3. Check it out!! Yeah!! Go Scott Go!!! Two or Three Days GWP (Jim Hoft) has been pulling for Scott! We are excited. We are contributing. Some want to go and help!!! {…} See Comments. Scott on Hannity!! Yeah!! Thank You. We are prepared for Victory!! Scott Can Win!!

  4. Hurray for Curt! His support for Scott Brown gives us all encouragement & HOPE for the kind of CHANGE this country is really crying out for. A true American Patriot he is for speaking up and backing a right & just man to fill The People’s Seat in Massachusetts! Enough to make Red Sox fans out of us too all right…you betcha! Massachusetts…the future and hope of our country literally rests in your hands tomorrow. Praying for the good of our country and true Patriots everywhere, that Scott Brown wins BIG in Massachusetts!

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