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Boston Herald: Where's Martha?

In freedom, Integrity, living free, Scott Brown on January 3, 2010 at 4:28 pm

I first saw this story on Gateway Pundit.

While Scott Brown pounds the pavement, Martha Coakley opts for a six-day vacation getaway. With Martha refusing to debate Scott one-on-one, dodging media and ignoring recent terror attacks, it’s beginning to look like her advisers are instructing her to disappear until after the election. Can you imagine taking a vacation with less than 20 days until election?

Being from Boston I certainly understand a Republican candidate feeling despair when running for office. Fortunately, Scott Brown feels only momentum. Coakley did find time to compare Scott to George Bush and criticize his most recent TV ad:

“It is a presumptuous and misleading ad,” Coakley said in a statement. “Based on Scott Brown’s positions in which he fails to stand up to Wall Street, opposes health care reform and ignores the fundamental problems of climate change, the real president he should be comparing himself to is George W. Bush.”

I suppose I can’t blame Coakley for making the Bush comparison, it did get Obama elected; stick with what works, I always say. Regardless, the people of the Commonwealth are smarter than that. With Scott gaining in the polls, adversaries on Beacon Hill are turning to personal attacks as a new strategy.

“State Democratic chairman John Walsh called Brown’s ad “a new level of absurdity. The citizens of Massachusetts knew John Kennedy and they know that Scott Brown is no John Kennedy.”

When I read the quote in the Boston Herald I chuckled. Scott said, two days before the commercial aired, [paraphrased] “I’m sure they will say, ‘do you really think you are JFK?’ To which Scott replies, ‘absolutely not, we just both agree that broad tax cuts are the best way to create jobs'”. John Walsh may have missed the point.

Brown’s support now extends all the way back to Washington. Former Presidential candidate, John McCain recently endorsed Scott Brown in a recent ad.

Whether you are from Sacramento or Savannah, Detroit or Des Moines, your donation, however small, helps return power to all Americans. Scott said he is receiving hundreds of donations in the amount of $9.12 (representing the 9/12-ers). This is our opportunity. Let’s make the most of it. Donations are made HERE.


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