Nathan R. Jessup

Facebook's "Soldiers Are Not Heroes"

In Corruption, freedom, military, World News on January 2, 2010 at 12:22 pm

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Generally, I refrain from entertaining radical bottom-feeders whose only intention is to ‘stir the pot’. In the case of “Soldiers Are Not Heroes” however, I will make exception. The diseased group on Facebook has roughly 12,000 nut-jobs after the backwards cause. The picture you are looking at nearly caused me to fall out of my seat. I am curious, how do you feel?

As I read through comments on the site (a non-Facebook version is found HERE) I can’t help but recognize how small, radically liberal groups are actually gaining traction from social networking sites like Facebook. While I firmly support our first amendment right to freedom of speech, ignorant hate-speech falls not in such a group.

From what I gather, many of the site’s main contributors seem to be children (21 and under). However, the man responsible for adding the picture in this post, Elliot Waters, seems a bit older. Here’s a small example of what you will find on the group’s page:

“We are currently looking at suggestions by beautiful people that SANH is a religion. Environmentalism as a religion is a current strand of spiritual consciousness widening and deepening throughout the world. Which brings up the fact that war is bad for the environment and the planet. (That is a whole new discussion – lets start it).”

The counter-movement to the hate group (Petition To Remove Group “Soldiers Are Not Heroes”) now has more than 800,000 members.

The SANH group is driven by “left out” attention whores who understand, a little disinformation can go a long way. I think you know the type; the kid in high school who reads in the corner and has a look in his or her eye that says, “one day I just might do it if you push me…” The problem for this type of student is that nobody cares. Facebook allows these blind weasels to find one another regardless the distance between their caves and bridges. Below is another gem taken from the site (I refrained from correcting spelling errors. And, who are they suggesting is vulnerable?):

“This group is intended to point out the absurdity of the many groups on Facebook that portray all soldiers to be heroes and shower the armed forces with unconditional praise. We believe that this is unsafe to instil in vulnerable people that anyone in a uniform is to be trusted.”

Help me sweep the cockroaches from the closet. A group like SANH craves attention. I suggest we give them the attention they long for and shame them back into the holes from which they slithered.

UPDATE: Jawa Report now covering Facebook hate group “Soldiers Are Not Heroes”

UPDATE: Facebook’s “safety” section under Rights And Responsibilities section states: (7)

  1. You will not post content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic, or that contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence. (Is the picture above “hateful”?)

UPDATE: Hero Workshop discusses the story

  1. You can’t shame these people. As much as I’d like to see them gone they will always have support of the physical and moral cowards of this nation.

    I should know. I’m a Viet Nam vet. Been here, done this.

    • Thank you for your service. History does tend to repeat itself. Cowards then and now.

      • Hello Nathan. What an insightful piece. Good luck with your quest to “sweep us out” what is this, the next “operation mayhem” It astounds me that people whom openly declare the groups existence as absurd would go to so much trouble.

        The group itself if not hateful, unfortunately some of the members are. I would like to point out at this stage that most “hate speech” comes from those who are apposed the groups existence.

        “The SANH group is driven by “left out” attention whores who understand, a little disinformation can go a long way” and what follows in your paragraph is typical of military supporters, too ignorant to believe that anyone with half a brain could ever possibly appose the Military and the wars in which they fight.

        Ignorance or just plain stupidity? It’s a question we are often faced with.

        What exactly do you have against the group? Is it purely because we refuse to worship soldiers as heroes? you see, I am forever
        told “we don’t want to be worshipped as heroes” if this is the case, then what is the problem?

        Perhaps you would like to have a discussion on the group and give SANH a chance to bring you our side. Lets face it, all you’ll get here is a whole heap of ass kissing, sky punching and whooping of how awesome you are. I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are not an egomanic. See you there Nate.

        Lilly Cameron

      • Fabulous work Nathan, but a tad one sided. You paint the place as a residence of the young and the lost. If this makes a bitter pill easier to swallow, then so be it. We do believe in free speech after all, hence the creation of the group in the first place.

        The thing you people lose sight of every time is that the original “mission statement” of the group as it were, was to highlight to people that they should not feel automatically compelled to provide hero worship to someone who puts a uniform on. More so those fighting illegal wars to act as a smoke screen for the theft of liquid gold.

        Hero status is earned, and writing biased pieces of vitriol to show how “not bothered you are” by these “loner schoolkids” just goes to strengthen that point. Please don’t believe your own hype.

        If you read the actual group description, and then took time to digest it, you would realise it isn’t actually a hate group. Just one that likes to point a simple fact out.

  2. Mr. Jessup:

    Saw your quick run-up over on Jim Hoft’s place.

    I don’t have a Facebook account and don’t want one – ever. But I’ll do what I can from the outside looking in.

    Already forwarded this to an organization to which I’m apparently looked at as one of the chief cooks and bottle washers (link in my sig below)….. Truthfully, I’m just the audio tech dude for the meetings (I own a mid-sized PA system).

    Anyway, this is a good thing you’re running here and I’ll add TRD to my list of daily must-go sites.

    If by some odd chance you’re in South Florida, let me know and I’ll spring for a toast to our amazing (and still free) nation.

    Cheers !

    Kenny Solomon
    DC Works For Us
    A South Florida-based patriots organization.

  3. With a nephew serving in Iraq, I kinda sorta think that he and his pals would like to kick the a-double-esses of sanh from here to….but alas, they’re busy defending the right of such hemorrhoids to be stupid.

  4. I already posted this quote on my own blog in response to your comment but wanted to paste it here as well:

    To people like those in SANH, I say “If you do not wish to stand behind our troops, FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM”.

    I heard that quote several years ago and it stuck in my mind to use in moments like this. Feel free to pass it on or better yet, post it to their groups.

  5. Mucho thanks for the info….lets see if we can do something about this.

  6. I followed the link…now I need to disinfect. They are (paraphrasing) dedicated to instructing minors on how evil the military is.

    As a vet, I’ll be the first to say war is evil. I will also be the first to say there are those who wish to do us harm from whom we should be defended. SANH has the ability to say spread their “religion” because “rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”. They clearly don’t understand that fact.

  7. Before working to take down the site, it might be better if somebody could compile — and then post — a list of all the group’s members and their Facebook IDs.

  8. I really hate people like that. I am an american soldier and my job is to protect the people of the united states of america. Even the ignorant bastards like those who like to have their cale and eat it to. Wanting to right to say as they please. They want to say they pay for us our bills. What a little sacrifice when we are the ones risking our lives for their freedoms and the constitution that they want to manlipulate. THIS IS OUR JOB. I hope that these anti military b****** could sleep well at night knowing that we will die for there freedom and their safety. Thank you to all that support us and to you who don’t you all can go to hell.

  9. thank a soldier for your right to post this crap

  10. What I don’t understand (actually I do, just making a point) is where are all the liberal “Hate Speech” advocates you hear about on the news when ever someone on their side (i.e. Obama) is even challenged, much less actual hate? Again and again huge levels of bias in this nation. I really feel we are fast approaching a civil war between cultures. There are going to all those spineless little dweebs against true, hardworking christian Americans. Time to shake’em up folks!

  11. I think these people have to be smug, entitled, ignorant kinds of scum, but I won’t join the petition to have Facebook take down the group, simply because it’s their right to be smug, entitled, ignorant, and despicable. I can’t say that they shouldn’t be allowed to form such stupid groups, or profess such horrendous beliefs. I agree it’s awful, and they should probably be the first people drafted if that thing ever comes back, but I don’t believe it’s something that can be banned or removed from a social networking site.

    • Oh, I was not suggesting limitations on their freedom of speech (that wouldn’t be right). Rather I was urging those who oppose the group to find a way to end SANH. Post on their site, overwhelm them, combat the small group’s insanity everywhere. Or hack the sh*t out of the site. Just sayin’…

  12. sigh…you invisible being in the sky worshipping tardlings need a reality check. That site is an educational counterpoint to the facist indoctrination our so called Military puts young people through. Why people would want their kids to grow up to be baby killers, rapists, and war crimes committers is beyond me.

    Wikipedia Admin

    • Why people would want their kids to be like you is beyond me. Notice, I didn’t use the phrase ‘grow up’.

    • He appears to be this guy:

      Keep in mind that it could be somebody else faking the name (or that I could have messed up).

      If he really is an administrator, he shouldn’t be expressing personal opinions in the name of Wikipedia. That should be against Wikipedia’s rules.

      • I can safely express any damn opinions I want. There is NOTHING you plebians can do about it. The Wikitruth is most US military personal are ONLY in uniform because they were too stupid or poor to do anything else.


      • Calton – it is “personnel.”

        You can indeed express any opinions you want, as I supported your right in an earlier post. Are we plebians? What are you, then?

        For a moment, I laughed at your spiteful and hideous vitriol. Then I got heated with anger. Soldiers who died throughout this century, unsung and selfessly, deserve more than your ignorant hate. However, they didn’t serve or sacrifice for your gratitude. They served for the country that acknowledges and protects your right to say such things. Try such chicanery in Iran, or Venezuela, or Russia, or North Korea, and see what happens. So it wouldn’t matter to them what you said or did with such freedom, as long as you had it.

        Not every soldier is a hero, but they deserve a certain respect and honor. Not every soldier is a good person, but they are doing something that puts them in harm’s way before me. To generalize them as YOU have done is just absurd, and paints you as speaking irresponsibly (i.e. hard to take seriously.)

        Then, at last, I wondered if there is anything in your life that you believe is worth fighting for…if there is anyone in your life you would protect with your own. If you don’t believe that there are things worth fighting for, then I’m sorry for a truly pitiable life.

        And here, for you especially, but for all of us, is some eminent wisdom, a reminder of who is due honor and respect.

        “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

        –Theodore Roosevelt

    • Goddamn, I’m sick of this joe-jobbing. See

      I’m the real Calton Bolick. That jackass posting under my name is a scumbag who’s been posting trolling crap to blacken my reputation. Check your IP logs: this posting originates from Japan (where I live), while the joe-jobber’s IP, I’ll bet you, starts with “” and is from the Embarq Corporation in the United States.

      I’m not a “Wikipedia Admin”, but I suspect the joe-jobber is a spam artist named Gregory Kohs, who’s pissed at being banned from Wikipedia and for some reason blames me.

      I’d appreciate it if you were to delete that offensive crap, which has nothing to with me. Considering that my father was a career military man (21 years in the USAF), it’s idiotic AND personally offensive.

  13. While I think that FB group is a bunch of idiots and I have respect for our troops….let me play devils advocate.

    As bourne points out when he says, “this is our job”, being a soldier is a job, for which compensation is given. While entering a public service can be a noble career choice, it does not make one a “Hero” Doing a duty for which you are compensted and trained, does not make one a Hero. I’d argue the same of Police, Firefighters, Doctors, EMT’s, teachers, etc.

    Being in the military, and doing your job, does not automatically make one a hero. To be a hero in the military, or in any public service position, an individual or group has to, as they say, “go above and beyond the call of duty”

    • Ok let me jump in here for a moment. The site on facebook has chosen the word “hero”. I believe anyone who serves our Country deserves great respect. However, the idea that someone who serves our Country has immunity from the wrongs they do is incorrect. In war soldiers commit adultery, rape, and murder, just as in society. Soldiers, above all others, deserve respect for what they have chosen to do. While many may have no idea what they are initially getting into, all have to face the true, ugly face of war. Many of these men will see things no Police, Firefighter, Doctor, EMT or teacher could ever imagine seeing. They will return home to a life spent remembering the horrors of their past. For these reasons, I show tremendous respect for what (not who) a soldier has chosen to do. And someone going above and beyond the call of duty would absolutely be considered a war “hero”.

      • I agree with all of your posts and although I posted a response to this site some might find offensive I respect what you say and agree that Heroes are found in all walks of life weather soldier, farmer or millionaire everyone can be a hero, or scum of the earth.

    • In my many years being in the military, I have never met a single soldier, sailor, marine or aiman that would think of themselves a hero. Some joined simply for the college benefits. Some joined because they felt a need to be a part of something greater than themselves. There are likely hundreds of reasons for joining the military… all of them are personal. But yes it is a job. A job I believe MUST be done. A defenseless country will not be a country for long. You can’t expect to disband the military and call one up at a moments notice should the need for one arise. In this day and age, a high-tech, well educated, and thoroughly trained military is essential for the defense of it’s borders. But I digress before I stray too far off point.

      The point is that for those of us in the military, we appreciate the accolades and the thank you’s and the heroes comments because we understand that it means something to those who say it to us. They are speaking from their hearts and it does boost our spirits to know we are indeed appreciated ourselves. We DO make sacrifices that many people would not want to make. To us, the hero is the soldier, sailor, marine or airman that suddenly in the heat of the moment sacrifices his own life in order to save the lives of his comrades. In that regard, none of us know for sure if we have the qualities within us to be a hero. I know we hope if that moment presents itself that we will. Sure, we volunteer to go into harms way at the behest of our country’s leaders… to defend our nation and most importantly the constitution. But really, anyone can do that. At the risk of drawing ire, not everyone in uniform is a hero. Not everyone on the battlefield is a hero. And not every person killed in battle is a hero. Those that died deserve the highest respect for sure. They should be honored for their sacrifice. To most of us, I think the true hero is the one that is thrust into a sudden life or death choice… to save yourself or make the ultimate sacrifice to save those you are with. Of course Death is not a requirement to be a hero. A good example is A1C John Levitow. The AC-3 gunship he was assigned to as a gunner was hit by enemy fire over Vietnam. It set off a phosphorous flare inside the aircraft which began burning and threatened to ignite the ammunition. He could have let it go, told the pilots the aircraft was lost and set things in motion to abandon the aircraft but instead he picked up the flare with his own hands, cradled it to his body and carried it to the rear of the aircraft where he tossed it out the back troop door. He suffered unimaginable pain from the severe burns to his hands and body. Not to mention the blinding light of the flare damaged his eyesight. He lived. He also saved the aircraft and the entire crew on board. They were able to return safely to base. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions. No one would deny he deserved it and that he is a true hero. I know that he himself would not consider himself a hero. He would probably say he was just doing his job. But that too is the mark of a true hero. Humility.

      And that is a quality that most liberals and the haters of that site do not possess.

      • Brian,
        Thank you for your service. I truly mean that.
        I agree with your assessment on what makes a hero. There are many heroes at home and on the battlefield, and many who are not. The group uses the word “hero” as a cover to disrespect the brave men and women (like yourself) who protect the rest from harm. They are mostly children who have little to no real world experience. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and further, a little knowledge with NO wisdom can be fatal. I will show respect for any man or woman that goes to war; I will call them a hero for performing courageously in battle.

      • Thank you as well. Just as a side note to the “wonderful” propoganda there… Do these people not know that we in the military are tax payers too and therefore contribute to our own salaries? I always kind of wondered about how the government could use tax payer funds to pay the military and turn right around and demand some of it back. Does Carlton pay part of his wages out of his own paycheck? Just sayin’. Heh

  14. I do not object to young people criticizing the US Military, but this group is a disgusting cesspool of propaganda that will put your child, or ignorant adult in contact with:
    The World Anti-Zionist Congress (whose emblem is a Swastika inside the Star of David)
    If Americans Only Knew
    Electronic Intifada
    Lebanese slum lords wailing about being persecuted by the Jewish take over of the US.
    and large number of Palestinian supporters some of who name themselves after Mohammed Siddiq Khan.

    I have no problem calling this group what it is – a further attempt to delegitimise the US, while offering Islamic ideals as a morally superior alternative.

    Free Speech should not protect disingenuous political propaganda directed at children.

    Ban Away!

  15. Its hilarious how various clam clowns in this forum refuse to allow for replies. Guess you really are so sure of your arguments. God I cant wait for all you right wing fuckalongs to drop dead.


    • Who would you like to reply to? Just comment. If you have something say, just say it. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    • Calton, I posted a reply to your post. I would appreciate a response, most certainly. I’m not sure why you think it’s disallowed…

      But really, please, let’s be civil with the insults and the wish-making: “God I cant wait for all you right wing fuckalongs to drop dead.”

      If you can stand conversing with someone who speaks respectfully, then please engage, and do post a reply to my initial response to you.

      • I am sorry but I do not reply to people who are obviously of an inferior mindset to myself.


    • 1. you invisible being in the sky worshipping tardling
      2. Why people would want their kids to grow up to be baby killers, rapists, and war crimes
      3. I can safely express any damn opinions I want. There is NOTHING you plebians can do about it. The Wikitruth is most US military personal are ONLY in uniform because they were too stupid or poor to do anything else.
      4. various clam clowns in this forum
      5. God I cant wait for all you right wing fuckalongs to drop dead.
      6. I am sorry but I do not reply to people who are obviously of an inferior mindset to myself.

      Cal, none of the (your) quotes above give ANY indication of you having a superior mind to ANYONE, let alone a level of maturity higher than that found in a public middle school. Wikitruth? Is that as authoritative as Hitlertruth?

  16. Calton,
    Clearly that is not the case after reading all of Parker’s comments. Don’t be shy, speak up son…

    [Out of curiosity] let’s just say you found someone with an inferior mindset, would you not be tempted to use just a shred of truth in making your point?

  17. “it dont mean nuthin”
    we said it in nam (riverine) and we say it now
    as i pick up my retired check each month and my disabled check
    i laugh all the way to the bank (limping just alittle)

  18. Oh, Calton. I really did enjoy that one.

    I haven’t heard such a simple, child’s response in a long while. “I’m so amazing that I won’t even let you see!” Thanks for offering such a priceless gem. I am almost so inferior as to be undeserving of even that magnanimous offering from your keyboard.

    Out of curiosity (if I could even understand the reply of such a wise and superior being), why don’t you descend on other forums more worthy of your engagement?

    Forums are actually a place for discussion, feedback, and response. In case Wikipedia hasn’t caught onto that already.

  19. “I can safely express any damn opinions I want”

    BECAUSE that safety is provided by the US military, genius, which secures our nation, which in turn secures that right.

    Note well, those places where the US military has the LEAST influence- North Korea, Iran, and most US college campuses for example- are precisely those where you CAN’T safely express any damn opinion you want.

    Coincidence, right?

  20. I am a former Marine. I expected to be called up on 9/11 after 35 years. Well they didn’t need me, but I was ready to report to what ever duty station or armory I might have been needed. Give me a rifle and 200 rounds and these homicidal maniacs will pay dearly for my position!

    None the less, I think these people who pass out this garbage are enemy agents who will try to weaken us so that our resolve is compromised. The more people they can recruit into their bizarre fantasy, the weaker our country.

    Nathan, you understand where I am coming from and you know there are probably millions just like me who wait. We are one of the reasons that the US is as strong as it is, landing troops against us is a forlorn hope. I am not alone, we just don’t make asses of ourselves. We are content to be good citizens and wait, but trust me, if the throw down happens, there are many of us out here on the perimeter that wont wet our trousers when the situation gets grim.

    Semper Fi my friend, I still have ten or twenty years left on the perimeter and I am more than glad to watch the horizon.

  21. How come these real scumbag groups never end up on Homeland Security’s watch list?

  22. a friend of mine on FB just showed me this link – i must admit that i thought it was funny, check that, VERY funny. when i saw the “poster” i nearly fell out of my chair! did it ever occur to anyone that it was SOOOO over the top that it didn’t merit a response??? since the illegal wars in iraq and afghanistan began we’ve been bombarded with “marching orders” from every conceivable vantage point – most from the – wait for it – LIBERAL media on how we’re supposed to “act”. the damn magnetic u.s. flags on the back of every car on the road, or flying illegally from the back window – or laying by the side of the road if and when they fall off…

    i am a lifelong EXTREME leftwing liberal and i don’t possess a single solitary “anti-military” bone in my body! personally, i just think that war is nothing but sheer waste. nothing more – nothing less. as far as the over-the-top sanh banners points out – it’s not like we’ve needed defending since the fall of 1945… as for our current situation – the struggle over terrorism can NEVER be won militarily. anyone stating otherwise is trying to sell you a bill of goods.

    we don’t seem to have any money for health care or other sorely needed domestic projects but we seem to have an endless supply for military contractors and their ilk???

    i’ve seen more than just a few posters here suggest violence and/or other illegal activities to “deal” with the attention starved yahoos who launched “sanh”… case in point – why are right-wing military nuts always reminding us that our freedoms exist solely because of them – but then they never want to “allow” us to practice any of those said freedoms??? sorry – but my freedoms come courtesy of thomas paine and his printing press – and i thank him every night before falling asleep!

    as for today’s military? they are not protecting anything of mine – they are blindly carrying out a president’s orders – a president, incidentally, who was not only too yellow to actually go to war, but militarily – he was an absolute idiot! as for the current president? he’s a dlc democrat and that, to me, is just a republican in sheep’s clothing…

    eh, just my two cents…

    p.s. – c’mon, you have to admit – the dude in the sniper/gila suit riding the bicycle is too friggin’ precious for words!!!

  23. The picture you are looking at nearly caused me to fall out of my seat. I am curious, how do you feel?

    I nearly fell out of my chair too, it’s fucking hilarious

  24. Does anyone really believe that ALL soldiers are heroes? I’m not saying they are not, I am sure some have done very heroic things. But the fact of the matter is people join the military because it’s the biggest gang/cult/trend on the planet. You don’t have to be a “left out attention whore” to see that the military is full of life’s rejects who just couldn’t hack it in normal society, not everyone in the military, but most. Which is why there are so many benefits for those sad “vets” who STILL can’t hack it when their time is up in the military. Jarheads who beat their wives, army grunts who drink their livers away…the list goes on. The “soldiers are not heroes” group is run by one real nut case and that’s sad, because soldiers demand so much from this country and when you consider that they are just a tool of the government in a country where most people hate the government then it would stand to reason that the country would hate the military as well. I won’t sign your petition because you blind yourself to the fact that people in the military are doing their jobs, it’s not glamorous because they die in the line of duty, they signed on knowing the risks don’t glamorize their profession because they are stupid. Would you take 40k a year for a chance you could die? On the other hand I won’t join the stupid group because the spokesperson for the “Solders are not heroes” makes even clinically insane people sound reasonable. No the gray area here is that not all soldiers actually ARE heroes, most are just people who don’t have the drive, motivation or IQ to hack it in the real world. I take my hat off to the people who stood and fought to make this country free, but know this, our ancestors who fought and died in the revolutionary war, didn’t get hazard pay, they didn’t get a GI bill, didn’t get veterans benefits they fought for their country and they died and whoever was left worked what was left. You want to be considered a hero? Do something heroic, don’t hold out your fucking hand because you survived boot camp or went through a tech school, guess what I did that, I was there and I don’t ask for praise I just say stop spreading hate, but alas it’s all you people seem good at doing.

  25. From Nick’s posted comment: …don’t hold out your fucking hand because you survived boot camp or went through a tech school, guess what I did that, I was there…

    Are you saying here that you’re ex-military? If so, I respond with a resounding, “Bullshit!” I’m not buying what you’re selling. Based on your ramblings above, I don’t believe that you have what it takes to risk, even during times of peace, anything that’s yours, most especially your very life, on anything or anyone.

    At most, you may have enlisted, found out it was hard, then found out you might actually be shipped off somewhere where there’d be bunches of people bearing firearms, wearing uniforms that look nothing like yours, and facing toward you rather than away from you. Then,you did what it took to get either a dishonorable or medical discharge. But, based on your comment, even that seems like too close to risk for your comfort.

    PS: Your buddies Scott and Mick who posted comments just above yours are a couple of cowardly a$$holes, too. Looks like you guys hang with your own kind.

  26. Ha. What a great group. Is the soldier who killed and raped those two women in Canada a hero? No. One in 3 women in the military is sexually abused by male soldiers. Are soldiers who rape other soldiers heroes? No.

    I do not support anyone in an occupational army. Whether that be men in the Waffen SS or in the US Army. I also don’t support men who support extreme Islam. Like the soldiers are going right now in Afghanistan. Karzau and his gang of rapists are not worth dying for, and anyone who had died there has died defending an Islam that makes the ones in Tehran look like mild.

    So boys, go fuck yourselves.

  27. I chuckled a few times. Cool picture.

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