Nathan R. Jessup

“Trust Me, It’s For Your Own Good”

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Have you ever been unable to sleep and found yourself watching one of those late night horror flicks where a unknowing tourists has a few drinks and wakes up in a bathtub full of ice with a kidney missing? If you haven’t, give it a try sometime, it may have you think twice about the well dressed local offering to buy you a drink. Oddly, I get the same feeling when I see polished-ticians telling me I should give my support in spending billions to save the economy, health care, climate change, or education; else they will collapse overnight. Allow me to illustrate; If I sell security systems, my best bet for sales is in convincing everyone they are getting burglarized tonight if they don’t get my system.  Some call it ‘fear mongering’ some call it simply, ‘sales tactics’ either way, the result is the same; people are afraid and scurrying to find a solution. ‘Any port in the storm’ comes to mind. For most of you, sales tactics manipulate your thinking everyday and you don’t have a clue it’s happening. With a lifetime of experience in sales, I can confidently point out that our government is using a sales and marketing playbook to decrease your likelihood of thinking freely.

For many Americans, the idea of  government interest in controlling how people think seems more like Mel Gibson’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ than reality. I wish it were. The sad truth is, not only is it being used, it’s working. More than ever, the majority of information reaching the American public, comes from media. Realizing the opportunity, the current administration jacked the car, ripped out the brakes and put the pedal to the floor. With the start of the Copenhagen UN Climate Summit today, the EPA announces ‘greenhouse gases endanger human health’ (one of which being CO2 – that’s what you’re exhaling now). Yep, that’s right, you should hold your breath. Hang on-before you run off and buy your limited edition, government made gas masks for you and your family, remember what I told you about sales tactics and the prompt release of information. Think of it as a movie preview; after three months of hype, you can’t wait to give the scary looking ticket guy your hard-earned ten bucks.

Now, the tactics of manipulation are in no way limited to thinking for you, they can also be used as a distraction. Here’s an example: several weeks ago, party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi stole the spotlight as convicted felon, Robert Creamer enjoyed his evening at the State House dinner.

(2005) The husband of Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D) was sentenced to five months in prison on Wednesday for bank fraud and failure to pay federal taxes. Robert Creamer also will have to serve 11 months of home detention after he is released from prison, although during that time he will be allowed to travel between Chicago and Washington. Federal prosecutors were seeking 30 to 37 months in prison for Creamer, who pleaded guilty to the two felony charges last August.   (Roll Call-John Bresnahan)

Somewhat odd that Creamer is from Illinois, no? No matter, beside the point. Robert Creamer’s presence at the White House is far bigger news than two facebook happy, wine-drinking socialites and yet, nobody ever knew he was there. Robert Creamer’s criminal past along with his appearance at the White House are not being covered by your local media. Neither is Creamer’s book, ‘Stand Up Straight’ (written while in prison) or how it was the blueprint for writing your new health care plan (we will get to that).

I would like to think that as adults we are able to point out major flaws in such statements as, “do as I say, not as I do” so oft used in our rearing. For whatever reason, our fearless world leaders seem to believe otherwise. You see, if they think all the little people will care they are at a Summit for the climate change and took 1200 limos, 140 private jets and the finest in accommodations to get there, would they really do it? Yep.

According to the organisers, the eleven-day conference, including the participants’ travel, will create a total of 41,000 tonnes of “carbon dioxide equivalent”, equal to the amount produced over the same period by a city the size of Middlesbrough.

The temptation, then, is to dismiss the whole thing as a ridiculous circus. Many of the participants do not really need to be here. And far from “saving the world,” the world’s leaders have already agreed that this conference will not produce any kind of binding deal, merely an interim statement of intent. (Andrew Gilligan

Health Care reform. Yeah, it’s big. So big in fact, that you won’t notice radical ideology being permanently implemented in the shadows of taxpayer-funded abortion debates.  Back to convict Creamer; while in prison, he wrote ‘Stand Up Straight’ which lays out a systematic plan to take over private health care and make way for a single-payer, government-run health care system. Well, not only was his book read by most of the current administration, it is a “blueprint for victory”.

(Below are key points of the takeover illustrated in ‘Stand Up Straight’)

  • “We must create a national consensus that health care is a right, not a commodity; and that government must guarantee that right.”
  • “We must create a national consensus that the health care system is in crisis.”
  • “Our messaging program over the next two years should focus heavily on reducing the credibility of the health insurance industry and focusing on the failure of private health insurance.”
  • “We need to systematically forge relationships with large sectors of the business/employer community.”
  • “We need to convince political leaders that they owe their elections, at least in part, to the groundswell of support of [sic] universal health care, and that they face political peril if they fail to deliver on universal health care in 2009.”
  • “We need not agree in advance on the components of a plan, but we must foster a process that can ultimately yield consensus.”
  • “Over the next two years, we must design and organize a massive national field program.”
  • “We must focus especially on the mobilization of the labor movement and the faith community.”
  • “We must systematically leverage the connections and resources of a massive array of institutions and organizations of all types.”
  • “To be successful, we must put in place commitments for hundreds of millions of dollars to be used to finance paid communications and mobilization once the battle is joined.”  (Joel B. Pollak

I can’t tell you if our government somehow thinks the people it governs are not clever enough to connect their obvious dots, or whether they just don’t care. What I can tell you is, the dots are connected and incumbents are soon to find out that ‘we the people’ can remove them as easily as they came. Loyal readers, Americans, and patriots, exercise your voices as one and replace the thing which stands in the way of freedom, liberty and truth; your ‘elected’ charlatans. If you don’t, you might just wake up in a bathtub filled with ice.

  1. The odd thing is that I thought we were being told that switching to curly light bulbs would save the earth from self destructing. There is a good game on about how Obama plans to save us from having an election in 2012.

  2. I like the wolf in the sheep’s clothing. I am going to liberate it. It sure and hell fits a lot of the BS that is happening these days.

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