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No, I'm talking about REAL Hope

In freedom, living free on December 4, 2009 at 1:39 am

It’s 11:45 pm Thursday night and I am sitting in bed, MacBook on my lap, thinking about my life, and more specifically, where I fit in this world. As I stare at the blank screen I wonder about my ‘true calling’ and when we will meet. Do you know the feeling when you have a full tank of gas and yet, your engine won’t turn over? That’s where I find myself this evening. Earlier tonight, I caught just a bit of Glenn Beck’s “A Christmas Sweater” in which Glenn acts out all the characters in the story himself. The book/play is an interpretation of his life and his eventual road to redemption. One evening while in his thirties, Glenn found himself on the floor of his small apartment, in the fetal position ready to give up on it all. No money, no direction, and no belief in himself. This was the moment when everything would change. Glenn realized that nobody was coming through that door to pick him up, and it would be entirely up to himself to get up. From that moment on he made a decision to do whatever it took, regardless of self-doubt, hard times, or tough luck. Well, “life proved quite worth the effort” he would explain.

Much like myself, many Americans are facing difficult, character revealing moments everyday. When most of us hear wealthy politicians lecturing on the recommended ways to “tighten the belt”, we are angry, and rightly so. A logical train of thought would reveal, “you take my money, waste it all and then ask me to tighten my belt so you can take the rest?”. Well, we have reason to be upset. However, along with our frustration comes the responsibility to start some real ‘change’, after all, we are the ones who put our ‘public servants’ in positions of power. Unfortunately, most congressmen and women take that power for themselves and not its true purpose; to improve our Country for its people. Now, much like Glenn lying on his apartment floor, ready to pack it in, we can let these covetous elected officials continue on, or we can exercise our rights by making our voices heard. Sounds like some real late night rhetoric huh? Well, unlike a well planned election speech, this idea has real substance. Our Constitution gives us exactly what we deserve. Meaning, for someone willing to work hard, it’s a dream come true and for those who aren’t, a pretty scary set of laws. As Americans we need to expect more of ourselves, not just our politicians. After all, aren’t the ‘elected’ men and women of Congress a faint reflection of the society that grants them power?

As Americans we face a crumbling economy, two major wars, a declining dollar and a corrupt Congress in charge of it all. The time has come to get up off that floor, realize how important our family’s future is and make something happen. If we can all take a step back, forget the indoctrinated PC garbage and remember what Americans really are, then just maybe our healing can begin. To be quite honest, I don’t care what party you support, whether you agree with the decisions of our administration, or whether your kid goes to private school, I care about our future. Everyone should.

In closing, let us remember we are a nation of family, small business, and hard-working people who can do anything when working together. Somehow, we lost our identity as a nation and desperately need to remember what once made our Country the greatest in the world. My advice? Take a good hard look at the things in your life that mean the most, and let that serve as a constant reminder for your renewed interest in our collective future. Listening to Congressmen and women won’t help, as they are probably more confused that you. Simply remember, our strength as a nation comes from ‘individual’ accomplishment, not the out of touch, smooth-talking politician seen on television. Lastly, while my ‘true calling’ still awaits me, I can sleep well knowing that my neighbors, close friends, and family all have my back in fighting for a better tomorrow. Goodnight.

  1. Great post…

  2. Oddly enough-or maybe not-a lot of us are doing soul searching lately. This is good and important. Our country was founded with God as the cornerstone. Our currency says “In God we trust.” The government can take the currency, but we don’t trust our currency-it seems to lose value daily. And, inversely, our collective awareness of bringing more of God into our lives-and trusting Him- has taken root in our minds. So as politicians are scrambling to collect more and more of the currency that they are at the same time making said currency to lose value daily, we are learning what has true value and how to trust that.

  3. This is a path our country has been headed down for over 50 years. I don’t know if we are capable of getting up. OTOH, it was a small, dedicated band of believers in Liberty who founded this country. Maybe a new “small band” can take it back. In my dark moments, I think, “No, the ‘bread and circuses’ bunch is too strong, we are too far gone”. Other times I think there is cause for hope.

    We will continue to fight the good fight.

    A sailor bids you “Semper Fi”.

  4. Excellent reflection. There are so many busy taking care of their families and community, thinking the same. We need to realize the importance of coming together to defend the unique God given greatness of our country’s constitutional system and the principles upon which it was founded. Thank you.

  5. I get encouraged whenever I hear someone talking about “getting off the grid” or “going Galt”. It does not matter if only 5 people in 10 million do it. What it signifies is that somewhere in our collective consciousness we realize that we all have ancestors that at some time went to great lengths to come to America, “land of the free”. I happen to be 1st generation American, but that does not matter. We all are the product of brave people who risked a lot to be here, so we all know the importance of keeping America great. What ever it takes. We are all waking up to the fact that we have a responsibility to America. I think that is part of the appeal of
    Sarah Palin.

  6. I think you are being called into the political arena.

  7. Excellent, excellent post!

    I too have been thinking about all of this quite a lot. I think it’s the “what can I do that anyone will feel or hear; the what can I do that can actually make a difference?” that gets us so demoralized.

    I think we need to encourage more referredum (sp?) type voting – we need term limits yesterday – and we need personal responsibility for action, the children you bring into this world, for helping ourselves and not begging with hands out.

    I am with you 100%. I went to the 9/12 Tea Party in DC. Millions were there, I know because I was one of them. We need to do more of that in DC so they can see us. so it’s in their face, so they can’t ignore us.

  8. I wish we could start with enforcing term limits but I feel even this is too large of a bite. I’m just gonna pick up an aluminum can to start. That post gave me a warm chill if there is such a thing.

  9. I wanted to post in appreciation to all of you that sent emails and comments. We are now faced with tremendous challenges in the restoration of America, and each of us will eventually play a role in the process. Just a few reminders to help everyone focus on keeping chins up when times get rough, and they will;

    When you are faced with doubts about what one person can accomplish, remember what some have already achieved; Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Einstein, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ghandi, Mother Theresa and so many more. These people changed the world not simply because they have certain talents (we all do!) but more importantly, because they BELIEVE they can do it. Belief sets them apart. Second, our Country was forged from the design of just a few men and their ideas. Our Founding Fathers, regardless of the challenges that lay ahead, initiated a collection of ideas that would later produce the greatest nation on the planet.

    When our voices become one, great things will happen. Keep your chin up, remember those who came before you, and be inspired. YOU will make a difference.

    Warmest Regards

  10. As a nation of prosperity, the people have become lazy. Tragically, I believe the only way for many people to wake and smell the roses will be the loss of their freedom and wealth. Obama and the Democrats are passionate about ending our over 200 year history as a democratic republic and as Obama himself stated, “transforming” America into the hellhole of Socialism.

    Are there enough Americans with the kind of character, moral courage, and willingness to give up much of their wealth that we need as leaders to defend our Constitiution, promote and ensure our democratic republic, and lead us out of the abyss we are heading towards?

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