Nathan R. Jessup

A Lesson From Auschwitz

In communism, Corruption, freedom, Government Lies, marxism, Socialism on November 27, 2009 at 4:43 pm

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As you watch this video of Jacob Bronowski’s cautions, think for a moment about what it must be like for him to stand on the ground where his slaughtered ancestor now rest. Mr. Bronowski explains from his own personal experiences, the devastating effects of trying to gain ‘absolute knowledge’ and ‘absolute power’. The interview, when conducted by Michael Parkinson in 1973 was said to be his [Parkinson’s] most memorable interview.

When I heard Carol Browner quoted as saying, “the science is settled”, I could not help but think of Bronowski’s words as he stood atop the ashes of his family and loved ones.  You see, for any one man or organization to gain supreme or absolute power, a portion of that power must be relinquished or overturned from somewhere else. In Nazi Germany’s case, the power was ‘taken’ from the Jews with force. This type of genocide has never taken place in America for obvious reasons; a)the people in America have always (in our history) maintained more power than their government (until now). b)A governing body has never been able to execute an agenda contrary to popular request (until now).

Our system of government (The Constitution) has protected its people for years, until now. I can assure you that when government is ‘allowed’ to make decisions based on what ‘they’ think is right for the people as opposed to what ‘the people’ think is right for themselves, it is surely the beginning of something terrifyingly similar to Bronowski’s lesson from Auschwitz.

God Bless America


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