Nathan R. Jessup

A Greener Earth By Way Of Browner?

In global warming, Government Lies, Socialism on November 27, 2009 at 12:47 pm

Let’s talk about Carol Browner for a moment. Global Warming Czar Carol Browner, a former member of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society for Socialist International has a past that I think you should know about. I found it quite interesting that Carol’s bio has been removed from the site. Is that a connection Americans should be concerned with? I’m sure its just a mistake. No matter, clever Carol was a founding member of The Albright Group LLC., an international strategic consulting firm that was founded in 2001. The Albright Group specializes in assisting major companies (i.e. Coca-Cola, Merck etc.) in dealing with the challenges of meeting new standards set forth by environmental regulations and climate change.

In 2005 Albright Capital Management was established. ACM was created for the sole purpose of participating in fund management. In 2007, the firm was given $329 million to invest in new, emerging markets. I wonder if Carol still has any type of ‘vested’ interest in these profitable organizations- now that she controls the very laws these companies will pay millions to adhere to?

(Jim Hoft – Gateway Pundit) “It is not clear if Browner is still a member of the APX Board or not.
Related… It looks like global warming has been rigged from the start.”

So, I decided to email APX VP Reiner Musier and find out if there was any chance Ms. Browner was still on the board (Of course I knew my answer before I asked the question; no) Here is what I got:

No, she is not.
Best Regards,

Reiner Musier, Ph.D.
Vice President and CMO

APX Inc.
224 Airport Parkway, Suite 600
San Jose, CA 95110
Cell 617-xxx-xxxx
Fax 408-xxx-xxxx

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 8:20 AM
To: Reiner Musier
Subject: Carol Browner

Is Carol Browner a current member of the board at APX, Inc.?

This message has been checked for all known viruses by the E-mail Virus
Protection service powered by MessageLabs for APX.

Now, while I am quite sure she has been removed from all her prior boards since becoming the new Global Warming Czar, I am not so sure she has been removed completely. While I am not proving she still has any connections, I myself certainly enjoy keeping in touch with old friends…

  1. Beckel’s comments are frightening and exactly what this administration believes.

    Socialism requires totalitarianism. It is anathema to Liberty. That SHOULD have been the point. Not to mention that Socialism has never worked anywhere it has been tried….unless “worked” means that it makes everyone equally miserable….except the ruling class.

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