Nathan R. Jessup

Jobs created or "saved", are you kidding?

In Uncategorized on November 18, 2009 at 8:22 pm

While some of you may not know Ed Pound, he is the director of communications for Obama’s ‘stimulus’ website (funny, I know-‘government’ and ‘recovery’ in the same web address). In a recent interview with the New Orleans Times, Pound appeared to have no idea what was going on with ‘make-believe’ congressional districts. Hmm…pick your poison; complete and utter incompetence or deceitful and immoral acts with the intention of furthering a crushingly dangerous agenda. Hmm… with the first, he should be fired, and the latter he should go to jail. Here is what he said:

‘We’re not certifying the accuracy of the information,’ said Pound ….Asked why recipients would pluck random numbers – 26, 45, 14 – to fill in for their congressional district, Pound replied, ‘who knows, man, who really knows. There are 130,000 reports out there.’

Hang on, you are NOT certifying the accuracy of the information? What? This begs the question, “WHY POST IT THEN??”.  Easy answer: to deceive the American public into thinking this giant waste of money is actually working.  Should we expose this corrupt administration for what it truly is? “who knows, man, who really knows.”


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