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Character; not found on the teleprompter

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2009 at 11:38 pm

George W. and Laura Bush visit Ft. Hood

President Obama decides to visit Camp David for some relaxation

You can certainly learn a lot about about a person when no one is looking. When Obama watched the 18 flag-draped caskets return from Afghanistan, a look of concern masked his purposeful face. Carefully positioned cameras capture every painful moment.

Some might questions Obama’s sincerity in making an appearance at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Why? Well, Obama has maintained his omnipresence when the cameras are rolling, yet fails to make the grade when he is needed most. Perhaps the 17 out of 18 family’s rejection of the President’s offer to mourn is an indication of how ‘transparent’ our leader’s agenda has become. The office of President, once defined by its holder’s “character” is now occupied by a seemingly polished cardboard cutout.

I question whether or not our Country deserves men of character such as Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt. These men led with confidence and made decisions based on what was “right” for America, not how their decisions would be “viewed” by our world’s citizens. In the humble opinion of your blog’s author, “I would sooner elect the baby from the ‘e-trade’ commercials than our current Commander in Chief. “

I will leave you with this one question: is President Obama a man of Character or simply a hollow casing of presidents past?


  1. This is an unsubstantiated opinion – but really? I will tell you that if I was a family member of one of those killed I would say no thanks to the Prez too. They aren't sending a political message, but a message that it's their family and they don't want the distraction that comes with any President being involved with the funeral. I think it's out of respect for the dead, not out of respect for political beliefs.

    And your list of three Republican presidents isn't transparent in the least! Interesting that you quote Jefferson at the top of your page but don't identify him amoung this list of past CIC of Charector…..

  2. Alright, so you brought up a few different things in your post and I will address them one at a time. However, I would like to first remind the readers of this blog that while we all share different opinions, truth remains paramount. While I fully understand it is human nature to want to "win" or make our "point", only one truth can exist.

    Now, as far as your first point is concerned, I agree. The families of the deceased are not trying to send a "political message". I believe they denied President Obama's offer to mourn because they feared their tragedy would be used as a "photo opp". Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps 17 out of 18 families simply did not want the President of the United States to be involved.

    Second, my list of three Presidents is transparent in what way? Because I said I was referencing some of the greatest Presidents in our Nation's history, and I did? I did not reference Thomas Jefferson simply because I already represented my appreciation for him and was only mentioning "a few". Were you saying it was transparent because they were all members of the republican party? Well, because of your comment I decided to do some research on the greatest US Presidents as seen by the nations top scholars and political historians. Now, every survey I could find listed the three in the top 10. I am sorry to report that even in the most liberal sources I failed to find anything different? There certainly is a chance that these historians and scholars are completely wrong about their rankings-for this reason, I checked several USA Today, CNN and CSPAN polls as well. What I found was the "people" agreed with the historians.

    I will NOT simply side with the Republican candidate if I feel he is making grave mistakes. Case in point, I have been extremely critical of many of George W.'s political decisions. Call a spade a spade.

    I can share from experience how discouraging it can be when you believe in someone and they let you down. That's life and it's alright. What's not alright and downright dangerous is when we ignore the "wrongs" that are done because we don't want to be incorrect or "let down"-this would be classified as denial.

    While I could have listed 10 or 20 web addresses of polls all showing the same results, I chose just one. CPAN. Is that an acceptable source?

    I have more to say but will leave it at that…


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