Nathan R. Jessup

Doodoo Scozzafava-From the movie ‘Misery’?

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2009 at 4:41 am

Well, whether or not you were Kathy Bates’ body double in the movie ‘Misery’, you certainly did bring plenty of it to Republicans in NY23. In fact, with this debacle you recently pulled off I question what Republican means anymore. A left-wing liberal Republican? Hang on, is that like an arsonist firefighter? A mass murdering paramedic?

Congratulations. You have just become the poster-queen/king for the ever weakening Republican Party. My hope is that you finally awoke a sleeping giant. Conservatives take note: We need true Republicans to step up to the plate and restore order with the party and ultimately the Country.

Be honest Scuzzafava, did you plan this all along?


  1. It would have been difficult to script such a bizzare situation and sequence of events. Fortunately, it has been a real wake up call, as Newt Gingrich (who blew it, big time) and John Cornyn have acknowledged. Now time to repair and strategize how to mobilize the conservative majority across the country – every state, county,city, town, and hamlet.

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