Nathan R. Jessup

Terrorism. An inside job?

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2009 at 7:49 pm

I do recall a certain terrorist making a claim that America would be brought to its knees from within. I must credit the strategy of these terrorists in taking the “melting pot” and dumping it back on America’s proverbial head . My question is this, “does anybody realize the tactic?”. It sounds like an absurdly obvious Q and A. However, what I see is frightening.

I recently watched a disturbing video that was aired by PBS ( I would encourage everyone to watch this. The video explained the most recent strategy in Afghanistan; protect the citizens of the country from the Taliban at the expense of US soldiers (i.e. you may shoot when you have been shot).

Has our President actually convinced the general population that it is actually “un-PC” to say bad guys exist? Has everyone lost sight of the concept of good vs. evil? Perhaps. The US is still in this war to make our Country a safer place right? Sometimes that means using force when force has been used on us. Is the term “war” soon going to be used to simply “occupy” or “restructure” a nation we think might need a little help? War means war. We use force to protect our Country when our safety is in jeopardy (that’s still ok right?).

How can we effectively find the terrorists among us when we are more concerned about feelings than physical harm?
Help me understand our strategy.


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